I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect and write about the actions that help me live a happy, beautiful life; the actions that help me live in heaven on Earth.

Life is full of suffering. We lose things that are valuable to us, and we break friendships or relationships with people who once were dear to us. We argue with the people who mean the most to us, and we grieve over the people who were separated from us by death.

Throughout life’s suffering, in addition to losing things and people, we often end up losing ourselves. We lose our inner child whilst growing up, our own authentic personality whilst trying to be like everyone else in society, and worst of all, our happiness whilst we worry and experience sadness about the distress that life brings with it.

Being Happy- Brenda casha

Because of all of this, today I wanted to focus on what it takes to be happy throughout all of this suffering. First of all, I believe that everyone is suffering in one way or another, and that true happiness does not lie in the things around us, but comes from within us. Another belief I live by is that heaven and hell are not found in our life after death, but are found in this life, and are located right inside us. I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect and write about the actions that help me live a happy, beautiful
life; the actions that help me live in heaven on Earth.

Getting my inner child out

I try to never forget to play, run, draw, and most of all, laugh! I try doing all of these things on a daily basis!

I control what I can control, and I let go of the rest

For every situation that is bringing me down, I ask myself “can I control it?” If so, then I take on a management position and control the situation by changing it. If I can’t control it, then I simply let it go. I don’t dwell on it, I don’t worry about it, and I don’t think about it. I look at it with the perspective that if I can’t control the heavy bulk, then I shouldn’t carry it with me either.

I get rid of people who bring me down

A lot of people take on life’s suffering and carry the load throughout their whole life. They carry the heavy bulk on their shoulders, and this brings with it a lot of negative energy. I like to imagine people living in their own bubble of energy. Some have a positive energy, some have a calm energy, and some have an inspiring energy, whilst others have a negative energy. I believe that once I get close to someone, I get infected by their energy.

My past experiences taught me to surround myself with people who are positive, people who want the best for me, people who make me happy, and people who are happy themselves, whilst staying away from people who bring me down.

I’m not afraid to break off a relationship anymore; be it with a partner, my parents, my colleague, or my friend. I’d rather keep my distance than try to change someone. My time and energy is my life, and I don’t want to waste my life on people that suck the living happiness out of me.

Being Happy- Brenda casha

I live constantly with death

I lost my older and only brother exactly this time two years ago, and although a lot of people look at me strangely for being so positive about it, I cannot help but see it as a blessing. I mention the situation quite often, both with friends and people who I never met before. I don’t mention it for sympathy or pity, but rather, because it is a big part of my life and I live with his death every single day.

Although it sounds sad, the death of my dear brother taught me not to take the people I love for granted. Nowadays, I rarely have arguments with people I admire, and when I do, I do it in a sensible way and try to improve the situation as soon as I can. Living with death also taught me to appreciate my own life. Therefore, every single day, I make sure that I take the time to feel gratitude towards simply being alive.

All of this leaves little room for complaints and sadness, and although I do get depressed sometimes, I give myself time to feel it without suppressing it, and before I know it, it leaves my body and goes away.

I work on my soul

I work on myself and on my happiness by listening to myself. I always try to search for things that make me happy. I reflect on my mistakes. I apologise to the people whom I’ve wronged and always try to stay true to myself. Most of all, I give myself time to heal. In reality, we are all victims of something; death, loss, grief, depression, manipulation, sadness, and anxiety. I go through all of these too and never forget to give myself time to heal from them.

I do what I love, more often and more frequently!

This is my purpose in life. I often ask myself a lot of existentialist questions; What is my purpose? Why do I exist? Why am I here? What do I want to become? Who am I? Throughout the years that I’ve been working hard on myself and on my soul, I’ve realised that my purpose is to inspire others with my words, because that brings me a lot of joy. I paint and draw, I make cards and gifts for the people who mean a lot to me, and I do voluntary work. I always try to find out what makes me happy. I always search for
that thing that gives my stomach butterflies.

I try to think and worry less

We think all the time. We think when we are awake and we also think when we are asleep. Our brain never stops working. However, throughout my life I realised that being happy means being able to think less, to worry less, and to stress less by taking life a day at a time and being present. Happiness, for me, means looking back at my life as years go by, and instead of asking myself “where did those years go?”, I tell myself “I’ve enjoyed every minute and every breath of it.”

Those were the actions that I reflected upon. However, I want to add that in no way do I want to impose and tell you that this is what you are supposed to do to be happy. We are all different and what works for me, may not work for you. These actions were just the things I have personally been constantly working on to become positive, happy, and healthy. It took me a lot of years to get to this point, and I’m not completely where I want to be yet. I still work on myself every single day, however, I truly believe that
our life is built upon habits – so do yourself a favour

Brenda Casha

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