The pull between classics and seasonals – it is what can make or break a wardrobe collection. The pull between classics and seasonals – it is what can make or break a wardrobe collection. It is rather difficult to resist trending pieces because, try as you might, you are bombarded with images and marketing that are both designed in such a way to make you cave in. This leads to the perennial question: will it still be in season next year, or will it date so much that what was once considered covetable becomes only fit for the backend of your wardrobe? A possible answer to that question is to buck the trend without compromising on style and timelessness. For example, choosing those trend pieces that can last more than a season, or five.

Additionally, look for pieces that fit well, can be easily styled, and above all, can blend in with pieces you already own. Rather than going for statement pieces, balance these out with more adaptable elements, such as colours and prints. For the following outfit ideas, which mark the end of a fabulous fashion season that was Autumn/Winter 2017- 18, I have zoomed in on one particular print: checks. The latter have been all over the place, almost to saturation, but when this type of print is done differently, then it proves its versatility, so you do not risk a stalemate or, in this case, checkmate!


Keeping it one-toned underneath enables the print and design of the dress to emerge strongly. The pinafore does have a bit of a uniform feel to it, so one could take off the office edge it might have by adding a lively pop of colour. Red ankle boots increase the seamlessness in the outfit, whilst throwing on a beaded hair band brings a touch of sparkle.


It is very easy to fall into boring routines, and so it is with getting dressed. As the oftclichéd saying goes, however, life is too short to wear boring clothes. We go through enough problems in real life, so why bring in more complications to your closet too? Start off the day fresh and vibrant with a red trench jacket (which I have had for a long time, way before trench coats became fashionable) paired with checked pants. Finish off with the top hat for this season, the sailor boy cap. Match the shoes to the trench and so once again, wearing red has never been easier.


An ode to the 1960s, in part, a nostalgia for the 1980s: spot the pieces that hark back to both eras respectively. The dress is in Modcon style (which stands for modern convenience and was typical of the 60s), but it is not that visibly dated thanks to the more contemporary cut and buttoning on the collar. The 80s style is brought back very slightly by means of the beaded scrunchy and bauble velvety earrings, both of which come in a plush midnight blue (tip: if going down memory lane style-wise is too much or you do not fancy taking on the 80s, you can channel it through accessories).


From blazers to jackets, from dresses to pants, it can be admitted by now that the checked print is very flexible and versatile. It does not hog the attention as statement pieces do, so it is not wonder that even a coat with a strong checked print game can blend in easily and match any style of clothing. What I liked about this outfit when I chose the pieces to style together is the way the red (again!) in the coat seems to bleed into the red of the hoodie. The rest is keeping it clean and simple via light-washed denim and white trainers. This is what I would call your ‘get ready in 2-minutes outfit’.


The photo shoot took place in a very apt setting which chimed perfectly with the theme of the styled outfi ts. I met with, and was welcomed by, the very lovely and professional Julia (Grech) who ushered Marie Claire (Portelli; photographer) and I to one of the amazing suites in the exclusive section of the InterContinental Hotel. Such suites also have a reception of their own as part of the new section of the hotel, which has been built recently.


Choosing checked prints is a matter of personal taste – you either like checked or you don’t and a lot of that is true. However, there are a range of clothing pieces that can be transformed via this type of print. You can even wear it in accessories, such as shoes, bags, and earrings, if it proves too much to wear on a coat or pants. The only limitation is that you might have to keep the rest of the pieces more understated and basic so I would not recommend clashing too many prints together.

Having said that, this enables you to make a statement by means of an eye-catching necklace, or an oversized pair of earrings. Overall, it has been reckoned that the checked print is here to stay for at least the next Autumnal season because it is not really a print which dates that easily; if anything, it can be freshened up. What I do know is that most of the outfi t checked pieces have had quite a good run already (if you think of the pay-per-wear concept). The secret lies in how you style and wear them.


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