In the heart of Birkirkara lies a little gem – yes, that’s right, we’re talking about Domino’s Malta!


In the past, we’ve all had that one foreign cousin whose childhood memories have been defined by Domino’s pizza – well, guess what? We’re now part of that movement too! Following the very successful opening of Domino’s Malta on 4th September 2017, one thing is certain – we all like some tasty slices of delight in our life.

The buzz surrounding Domino’s Malta comes as no surprise. In fact, the pre-launch hysteria generated by the Maltese population was phenomenal. Eager to get their hands on the mouth-watering pizza, the public waited in large queues, whilst the staff members were scurrying through the outlet to keep up with the orders! The great love of the nation for Domino’s was felt well before September though – in fact, weeks before the official launch, the Domino’s Malta Facebook page was brimming with comments, messages and pleas for early access to the world famous pizza.

Domino's Pizza

To date, the Domino’s Malta Facebook page has generated more than 13,000 likes, whilst its pre-launch video received an incredible 30,000 views. Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have surely noted a shift in movement on our little island with everyone posting photos of their cheesy pizza, delicious starters and desserts, followed by selfies of themselves in the store. The orders keep rushing through faster than the blink of an eye! In fact, during the first week of sales, Domino’s Malta broke the European Sales order record! We did it Malta!

The Domino’s Malta team is the backbone behind its success. In order to uphold Domino’s international standards, staff members have been trained accordingly to continually meet and exceed customer expectations. Additionally, Domino’s Malta currently has an ongoing recruitment scheme, to ensure that the customer service provided is exceptional. What Domino’s wants to achieve – people smiling from ear to ear!

Domino's Malta Team

Technology has been successfully integrated into the organisation to ensure a seamless and efficient service. Domino’s Malta accepts orders from various online platforms including its user friendly Domino’s Malta App as well as its website. That’s what we call spoilt for choice! Dine-in, take-out, order on your laptop or order on your phone, the options are endless! That’s the beauty of Domino’s – it uses technology as a means to involve customers in all aspects of their order.

Domino’s brings people together. The adventure has only just begun, but it is on a prosperous road to satisfying the needs of each and every person who walks through its doors, one smile at a time!