Interview with Désirée Azzopardi, Interior DesignerThis is no easy feat; it requires creativity, expertise, organization, and patience. Local interior designer Désirée Azzopardi has proved to possess all such skills over the years, which are visible in every project, boasting her imprint. Indeed, her works are jawdropping and project her unique ability to develop an empty space into a functional place, where
her love for colours and her creative flair shine through. VIDA recently met up with Désirée to discuss her style, her projects, and the industry at large.

Your father is an architect and your mother an art teacher. In what way have your parents’ professional background influenced your career path?

They subconsciously gave me a deep appreciation for art and design, and each influenced me in their own unique way without even trying to. Having said that, from an early age I knew that I didn’t want to be an architect, and neither did I want to teach Art. As I studied art at school and at college, I began developing my own artworks and experimenting with different techniques and media. I became fascinated with interior design and knew that this was the subject I wanted to graduate in.

How would you describe your style?

When designing solely for myself and my own satisfaction, my style is flamboyant, decorative, colourful and vibrant. It is far from subtle, subdued or grey. However, when
designing for clients, I aim to give them something that doesn’t scream ‘Désirée’ but something that intrinsically reflects them, because they will live with it not me. I find
it unethical to totally impose my style onto something which my clients are going to live in daily or wear. So first and foremost I ensure that the design is something that they can identify with. Secondly, it will be something that I both approve of and love. I will never create a design or an interior that I don’t agree with, or approve of. I do my best to find a happy medium between what the client specifies, and something that I believe looks
aesthetically pleasing and special.

Tell us about the creative world of Désirée.

It has no boundaries, be it interiors, fashion, set design, furniture, art, street art, etc.

 Interview with Désirée Azzopardi, Interior Designer

In what way do you consider travelling as a source of inspiration?

When I travel, I free my mind. I break away from the numbing routine of the familiarity of the usual streets, traffic, people, politics, vibes and work. When I travel, I feel more alive and free. It’s like my mind gets high on creativity as if it is connecting with a higher source
of imagination. It is extremely liberating and highly addictive. As a result, I carry a little notebook wherever I go and write down whatever comes to mind. I also read a lot whilst in airports, planes, and trains. I find it helps me significantly and feeds my brain further.

What do you look to achieve in every project to make it outstanding?

Client satisfaction. The satisfaction of achieving something that makes people wonder, stop and smile. Be it the client or any passer-by, I find that to be truly rewarding.

In what way is your work uniquely asymmetrical?

I find symmetry to be tiring both on the eyes and the brain. Nature is very relaxing and not symmetrical, hence why I try to follow nature in that respect.

 Interview with Désirée Azzopardi, Interior Designer

How is Malta changing from an architectural and interior design point of view?

From an architectural point of view, it is changing in many ways, however, not all of these are as desirable as I would like them to be. From an interior perspective, it is changing in a great way I’d say. With social media platforms, people are more aware of how to invest in
their space and how necessary interior designers are. It is no longer a subject solely associated with the luxury industry, but rather it has become a necessity for all budgets considering the amount of time one spends in a given space.

Where do you feel that fashion and interior design are complimentary?

Fashion design is a form of expression using clothes and accessories. Interior design, I believe is no different, except that it uses different media; furniture, walls and floors.

What’s next for Désirée?

I am quite a free-spirit and will go wherever the wind takes me. However, 2019 is proving to be very exciting with some very unique projects coming up in both the Art field as well as in the Design world. I am looking forward to seeing what else 2019 has in store.

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