“Standing there,
staring at the ocean, changes the frequency of our brain
waves, engaging us in a relaxing state of mind.”

Sand, sea, and sunshine… Summer is truly at its peak! We
all love that feeling of endless beach days followed by
chilled out evenings, barbecue dinners with family and
friends, or perhaps sipping cocktails at our favourite bar
by the sea.
As much as we love all the wonderful things that Summer
brings with it, there are others which we may be not so
found of. High temperatures and humidity can prove
to be a bad combination, leaving us with that feeling
of complete exhaustion. Nonetheless this remains the
favourite season for many.

And even if it’s not the case, we have to keep in mind
that the sun and the ocean are vital to the human race.
Various scientific researches have proved that no matter
where we live, it is crucial for our general wellbeing to
spend some time by the sea.

Psychologists and scientists have claimed that the smell
of the ocean contributes to our soothed state, which may
have something to do with the negative ions in the air
we breathe in. The oxygen atoms have an extra electron,
and occur in places of waterfalls and oceans. We all know
that we do not need to do much, and just standing there,
staring at the ocean, changes the frequency of our brain
waves, engaging us in a relaxing state of mind.
Due to many crowded beaches, perhaps it is not always
so easy to find isolated spots to absorb the energies and
vastness of the ocean. During my last few days in the
Atlantic, I was lucky enough to visit some of the remotest
beaches I could ever imagine.

Over the past two years, I found myself off the beaten
track on several occasions, particularly because some
of the most beautiful lands and beaches, are in the
middle of nowhere. This time round, I probably ended
up relishing some of the most reclusive beaches of the
Atlantic, and the most indulgent too! A place where I felt
like the only person on the planet, but a Piña Colada was
just a stone’s throw away.

With low tide, the beach stretches far out, leaving
behind hundreds of metres of glittery white sand
particles, followed by different hues of blue stripes;
the shimmering azure open sea, in between the pristine
azure shores and the celestial sapphire skies. It’s such a
beautiful rare patch, quite off the radar from the popular
Atlantic coasts.


The ambience and style were surprisingly very tropical.
A barefoot vibe, with hammocks strung between palm
trees, small beach bars, and kite-surfing schools
facing the endless virgin beaches. Breathtaking
raised walkaways lead to some very interesting bars
and restaurant structures. A commitment towards
sustainability runs among the business owners in these
areas, where many are committed to zero plastic waste
and no air-conditioning, with the same structures
assembled by bamboo material.

Amongst these kite surfers, swimmer, and snorkelers,
it wasn’t difficult to immediately get into the island’s
muse. I’ve learned a few things – dragging along various
accessories was certainly a waste of space. It wouldn’t
have been a bad idea to take a telescope instead! Here,
by night you may get glimpses of Saturn’s rings and the
Milky Way. Around these islands, travellers adjust to a
minimalist travel wardrobe, and it is essential to have;
denim shorts, which can be easily combined to colourful
tops, linen clothing, and good quality swimsuits and wet                                             suits to practice your favourite sport. It is definitely
not a place for high heels nor for lavish styles.
The feel is so authentic, beautiful, and isolated. It is
also a haven for various beautiful gulls, who love to fly
so close to the shores allowing bathers to take very
close shots. Just a perfect ending before getting back
to the chaotic European cities.


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