With February in full swing, the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is right on our doorstep. This usually means a fun-filled family evening huddled up in front of the television in support of our local talent and future representative of the Eurovision Song Contest. We set up a one-question interview with each and every finalist to get to know them, and their songs, better. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to read part 1 of this article.

Rhiannon Micallef, Fearless 

There are a lot of different musical elements within your song; what category would you classify it as and why?

Composed and penned by myself and Cyprian Cassar, this R’n’B piece is a personal reflection that exposes the soul and distinctive tone of my voice. Fearless presents a variety of tempo, beat and harmonies whilst portraying a significant message of empowerment and stature. Fearless is ultimately an exploration of personal experiences and an intimate expression of who I am – on that stage my passion becomes my escape.

Janice Mangion, Kewkba 

Your song is a remarkable one because of it being in our national language. How do you think that would go down internationally if Kewkba were to win?

I am already receiving a lot of positive feedback from journalists, bloggers and fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, and honestly, I am extremely grateful. I never thought that Kewkba was going to go down this well since it is fully sung in Maltese. In order to have a great song, you have to have the whole package, meaning great music, lyrics and above everything else, a great interpretation.I will give it my best shot, and leave it up to the audience to judge. It is their choice at the end of the day and I fully believe in their capabilities.

Raquela Dalli Gonzi, Ray of Light 

Is there a person you keep in mind whenever you sing this song on stage or when practicing? Why?

I keep God in mind when I sing / or practice this song because I’m thanking Him for the gift and opportunity He keeps blessing me with.

Shauna Vassallo, Crazy Games 

This is your first time participating. What do you expect to take out from this experience?

Well as you have well pointed out this is indeed my very first time participating, hence why I am bound to be a tad more anxious to what awaits. But just being on that stage, singing in front hundreds/thousand of people is already a  dream come true. I totally intend to enjoy my 3 mins on stage and I am going to give it my utmost. I am hoping that after the MESC, new opportunities and projects arise but we will have to wait and see.

Maxine Pace, Bombshell 

What inspired the upbeat elements of your song?

Since this is a feel good song about this girl having fun and feeling good about herself, the writers were inspired to produce this uplifting, upbeat song, during which i can have fun with my girl dancers. I hope I’ll be able to transmit this energy to the audience next Saturday.

Brooke Borg, Unstoppable 

If you had to sum up your song in 3 adjectives, what would they be and why?

Motivational, powerful and uplifting

Kevin Borg, Follow 

What is your pre-eurovision final ritual?

Every time I’m approaching a big stage I try to fill myself up with great energy and tell myself this is where I belong. I usually try to roar like a lion and it comes out sounding more like a kitten, but it’s the thought that counts :).

Franklin Calleja, Follow Me 

You’ve been giving us vocally impressive ballads for some years now. What sets this apart from the rest?

I think that Follow Me describes my life; fall down 7 times stand up 8. It’s all about the need of never giving up, to keep on fighting for what you really believe in. It touched my heart from the very first time, for it gives a ray of hope to people facing difficult moments. Special thanks to the great minds after the song; Ivan Grech, Cyprian Cassar and Matt (Muxu).

We would like to wish the best of luck to all participants!

The Malta Eurovision Song Contest will be held this Saturday, February 18th, at the MFCC Ta’ Qali. The winner, who will represent Malta in Kiev, Ukraine, will be chosen by 100% televoting during a single session. 

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