All I want for CHRISTMAS is sustainable living

Christmas is just around the corner, and we’re starting to smell the cinnamon, mulled wine, and ‘l-imbuljuta tal-qastan’ that characterise a Maltese Christmas.
Unfortunately though, with Christmas comes a rather large amount of waste, from food waste (despite the fact that nanna keeps insisting that you’re growing and need the extra piece of timpana) to extra wrapping paper, and it can all seem a bit overwhelming.
Fret not our little eco-elves, we’ve got a couple of sustainable solutions for you that will abolish any slight chance of you getting coal in your stocking…

Maltese Christmas Vida Magazine

Food waste
We all know that this is a biggie, and we all know that part of what makes us Maltese is the fact that we love our food (in copious amounts) but there’s no need for it to go to waste.
Apart from the obvious, like pigging out on Boxing Day on all the leftovers, here are some other tips…
Leftover oranges – turn your spare oranges into orange and clove pomander balls: It’s really simple, all you have to do is stick some cloves into an orange and let it set, creating your very own natural christmas air freshener.
Instead of throwing all your vegetable peelings away, why not use them for compost? Great for your garden (helps with impressing the neighbours too!) as well as great for the environment.
Wrapping paper
The amount of wrapping paper used every Christmas is astonishing, so use that paper again and make something beautiful. You can do a number of things, from fashioning your own pretty envelopes, to creating Christmas bunting for those Christmas drinks you’ve got planned, to simply lining your drawers and making your Monday-morning sock hunt slightly more colourful.
The possibilities are endless, get creative!
Christmas Trees
Instead of splurging on some big fancy synthetic tree, grab a couple of seeds, some soil and a pot and grow your own (if you’re not exactly green-thumbed, go buy a potted tree and water it religiously).
The tree can be of any variety you like, and I guarantee would make for a better conversation piece than your typical boxed tree. Just keep in mind that the most sustainable way to get your gardening on is to plant indigenous and/or non-invasive plants.
It’s the thought that counts, so avoid buying gifts if you don’t think the person will like it, and give them vouchers instead. It’s a great way to ensure that the person will get a gift they like, whilst also ensuring that there won’t be any extra, unwanted gifts sitting at the bottom of landfills.


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