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Jennifer the makeup-artist

Jennifer’s love for art and makeup started at a very early age, and in 2014, her passion blossomed into a full-time career. Since then, she’s been working as a professional freelance make-up artist, bringing her artwork to life through makeup artistry.

She completed several comprehensive makeup-artistry programmes and continues to acquire education on current makeup trends, techniques, and latest product knowledge. Jennifer often travels to various locations to enhance her knowledge.

In fact, in September 2018 she travelled to Paris, where she attended a Masterclass hosted by Beyonce’s very own makeup artist, Sir John. She also had the opportunity to work on a well-known blogger during Paris Fashion Week, and her work was later featured on Elle and Vogue. In previous years, she also worked on other Fashion Weeks in Romania, New York City, and Milan, where she worked closely with Donatella Versace’s make-up artist.

Jennifer plans on conducting her very own make-up seminar to fellow artists. This Masterclass will be launched towards the beginning of 2019. One can visit her Facebook page and apply upon release of more information.

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