With major global and European events making 2016 an eventful year, namely Brexit and the US election results, local events tend to take a backseat. As a result, we thought of balancing this out with 10 stories that happened locally. The following are the first 5 stories that have surely managed to leave a mark on the people of Malta.

Our Politics Got Shadier

They are our representatives in Parliament and make some of the boldest decisions for our country’s sake, but the Panama case, the arrival of the 300-metre gas storage tanker, and Marlene Farrugia’s temperament surely top the list of the three leading news items in Malta’s politics this year.  Corruption is definitely the one word that shoots out of your mouth whenever anyone mentions local politics.

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Women Got More Rights

Following Parliament’s approval of the Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics (GIGESC) Act last year, it was now women’s turn to take centre stage in rights legislation. With the Morning After pill now made available over-the counter, women have gained a voice when it comes to making some of the most influential decisions that strongly affect their bodies.

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Animals Got More Protection

July was just an outstanding month for our animals. A bill published by the government announced that chaining or tethering dogs to stationary objects, or fitting them with electric collars, is to become illegal, with a permanent legislation to be drafted by mid 2017. Moreover, a pig race, that was to be held during the first edition of the Bacon Festival in Żejtun, was cancelled following pleas, notoriously by MP Mario Galea, that such a race would exert extra pressure on the pink, plump, animals.

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Our Students can be Hands-On Once Again

Two major overhauls in our educational system, particularly the college and the co-education systems, will soon be considered minor ones after the newly proposed system gets in place. As from 2019, students will have the opportunity to specialise not only in academic subjects but also in vocational and applied trades. Such a proposal comes after years of romanticised discourse about the benefits of trade schools and the repercussions suffered by our society due to their closing down.

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Explosions are no Longer a Hollywood Thing

One hijack, 6 car explosions and a twin-propelled aircraft crash, have made the Maltese think twice about their seemingly safe surroundings. Whilst the aircraft crash was a one off unfortunate accident and the hijack was resolved quite speedily (not to mention the fake weapons), car explosions remain an alarming issue. According to Television Malta, Malta’s Police Force has not managed to arraign anyone in connection to the car bombs that occurred in the last 10 years.

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