3 Ways to Celebrate Cake Day

candle on a chocolate cake

What is more deserving of a holiday than our favourite thing in the world: cake!  November 26th is Cake Day, dedicated to celebrating our favourite thing in as many ways possible. We’ve put together a few fun steps to make sure you have the most memorable Cake Day ever!

Cake in a Mug

cake in a mug for cake day

Getting through Cake Day without making a single one of your own is blasphemous. However, let’s face it, weighing ingredients, getting out your bulky blender and spending ages removing that sticky mess is highly inconvenient.

The solution? A mini cake in a mug. Cakes in mugs are great because you only require a fraction of the ingredients, and you can just use a table spoon to measure them. You don’t need a blender because you mix everything in a mug, and the cake is usually ready within a few short minutes. Whether it’s pumpkin, chocolate or strawberry cake, these few spoonfuls of goodness are best prepared for breakfast to start off your day.

Cake Decorating

cake decorating for cake day

Most consider cake decorating to be beyond their abilities. In reality, cake decorating can be extremely fun and super easy. If you want it to be simpler, stay away from trickier stuff like fondant, and decorate using ingredients like Nutella, jam, sprinkles, and edible glitter. When you’re finished, take out your phone and snap a few Instagram worthy shots. Word of warning: have a dishcloth ready; a gooey mess of glitter and jam takes some time to clean up!

Share the Love

dog eating cake for cake day

Why are cakes present at every communal event like weddings, birthdays, graduation parties? It’s because cakes are there to be shared. The last step for this special day is to sit down with your family and friends, and share cake together. If you want to go the extra mile, think of your loved pets and create a special cake for your dog or cat (using specific ingredients).

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