Loved by locals and tourists alike, the Azure Window attracted thousands of visitors a year, bringing droves of people to the idyllic Dwejra bay in Gozo. The window, an impressive formation of limestone which formed over many years of erosion and wave action, towered over the natural scenery of the area. The fate of this window, however, has long been on the rocks as it has been slowly eroding. Today, the dreaded day has arrived; the Azure Window has collapsed into a pile of dust with only fond memories, photos and videos to immortalise this majestic structure. To those of you who dragged their feet and thought the window will be around for years to come, here’s what you should have done while you had the chance.

Swim Under the Azure Window

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Well, not exactly beneath it. But very close to that. All you needed to do was make your way down the wooden stairs enforced by aluminium railings, until you step onto a pebbly stretch of ground. After this stretch,  hopping from one rock to the next would have led you to large pool with ankle-deep water. The pool was the perfect place for a serene swim mostly because of the impressive view of the Azure Window towering above you as you swim.

Dive in the Blue Hole

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For the more adventurous, the blue hole provided an excellent opportunity to follow a path that led to the open sea right underneath the Azure Window. While there is still plenty to explore in the area, including a cave, the loss of the Azure Window will definitely be felt during future diving endeavours.

Azure Window Boat Ride

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The other side of Dwejra, known as the Inland Sea, features a number of traditional boats ready to take groups of tourists for a fantastic boat ride. For just 4 euro per person, you can take a ride through a narrow entrance into a limestone cave. It is dark and nearly eerie, with the sound of the churning water reverberating around the cave as you take in the sight. Once you’re out from the other side the boat driver points out some interesting features such as the cliff faces and the vivid orange coral in a nearby cave. This is all fascinating but the highlight of the boat trip was passing very near the Azure Window, allowing you great opportunities for close up pictures.

Azure Window Selfie

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Take out your phone. Centre it. Pose. Focus. Click. The Azure Window was well known for its selfie potential especially in the evening. The red shades of the setting sun provided a lovely contrast to the yellowish hue of the limestone arch. The best you can do at this point is turn the other way round and take a selfie with the Fungus Rock, otherwise known by locals as the ‘Ġebla tal-Ġeneral’.

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