With summer just around the corner, I’m here to give you my personal five summer wardrobe essentials! Even though my style has changed throughout the years, these are five items which I always go back to.


In my opinion, no summer outfit is complete without a pair of sunglassese, especially with Malta’s intense sunshine. In fact, I find myself buying at least five pairs every summer! Sunglasses are a basic accessory that can add edge to an entire outfit. With the number of styles and lens shapes available, everyone is guaranteed to not only find a style that suits them, but also find their fave pair of sunnies. I love experimenting with these different styles, however my current obsessions are reflective coloured lenses and rose gold frames.

Statement Bag

summer wardrobe essentials

In the summer time I tend to be more risky and colourful in my style choices, just because I feel it’s what summer time is all about – having fun with your wardrobe choices. Having said that, a cute statement bag is definitely my next essential. Whether they’re bags with bright colours, bold prints or fun shapes, I want them all! My latest purchase is a black and white pineapple bag, which I’m totally in love with!


I love sneakers, but when its 40 degrees out, sandals are pretty much essential. I love anything from the plain ones with gold details to the bright coloured ones with attached tassels. For day time, I like to go for the more fun ones – bright and colourful! I love how bright colours look in summer, especially with a nice tan.

White Tee

summer wardrobe essentials
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A wardrobe isn’t complete without a basic white tee. When you’re in a rush and don’t feel like planning an outfit, just throw on a white t-shirt, add some cute accessories and you’re good to go! Lately I’m all about white tees with tiny details like a small quote or a little print. My favourite prints are palm trees, seashells and pineapples – basically if it’s tropical or mermaid related I must have it!

Denim Shorts

These may be the least exciting from the summer must-haves on my list but I had to put them down as they are a summer staple. I’m obsessed with denim jeans and denim shorts are pretty much the summer equivalent. When you’ve already chosen a fancy top, cute statement bag and a killer pair of sunnies, I feel like simple denim shorts complete the outfit.

All these together make my typical summer outfit. How about you? What are you wardrobe essentials?

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