5 Types of Dads We All Know and Love

Happy Father's Day

Next Sunday marks the day we celebrate fathers; whether they are old, young, new to the field or highly experienced, fathers that have been there ever since we came into this world, fathers who had to also take up the role of a mother, and fathers who unfortunately are no longer with us.

Although every dad is unique in his own way, there are some characteristics which particularly stand out. Does yours have any?

The Driving Pro– He knows your neighbourhood better than any GPS and the shortcuts he manoeuvres, are ones Google Maps merely dreams of mapping out. For family events, he’s the last one to leave and the first one to arrive, but God forbid you go over 50 while he’s in your car or he’ll go into a frenzy.

Facebook Phenomenon- He desperately clung to his Nokia 3310 until you introduced him to the world of smart phones (which you probably gave him as a birthday present) and to the inevitable realm of Social Media. Now he can’t stop scrolling through his newsfeed or leaving embarrassing comments and watch out when he posts a picture as he’s likely to get more likes than you!

Do-It-Yourself Guy- Broke the heel of your shoe? Lights aren’t turning on? The toilet isn’t flushing? No problem- handyman dad is here to the rescue! Albeit being insufferably stubborn and insisting on being able to fix anything and everything, he has always been there to give at least a temporary fix until a professional comes along to do a proper job.

Chore-Happy Dad– Although he isn’t the first to volunteer when a baby’s diaper needs changing or feeding in the middle of the night, this guy sticks to what he knows he can successfully complete with the least possible amount of damage, but hey, who’s complaining? At the end of the day he just wants to make your life easier, but just be warned, a million questions will probably follow.

One-of-the-Kids Dad- He perfectly sports the goofy and go-with-the-flow attitude while his partner is left fuming and shouting at their kids. He generously tests out every toy before presenting it to his child, especially if it involves a gaming console and a joystick. The kids know him as Mr. Cool dad while the mom is Ms. Bossy Pants, but his personality is probably too goofy to be able to show any discipline anyway, and someone has to do it!

No matter if yours fits in any of the above, we can all agree that every dad deserves to be appreciated, so don’t forget to show him some love this Father’s Day.


by Thea Formosa