On mother’s day it’s natural that we think about and show some love to the women who raised us to be the person we are today. Every mother is different, that we know, but we can’t help but notice that sometimes, some characteristics commonly stand out.

  1. Il-Koka Prima: You’ve been the envy of all your classmates from ever since you could remember. While everyone was munching on their ham and cheese toast, you were enjoying a mini three course meal which your mother quickly whipped up a few minutes before you left for Your family dinners are always top notch and your meals are never boring; her cooking is close to perfection and she’s known for outdoing herself whenever she is required to pitch in for any food related event.
  1. Il-Ħabiba tal-Qalb: All your friends love her and whenever they’re at your house, they spend more time with her than they do with you. She’s the go-to person when it comes to advice for everyone, not just yourself, because she’ll always hear you out with a keen ear. You can speak to her about anything, no matter how uncomfortable the topic may be and she’ll always make you feel at home.
  1. Li ma Jaħarbilha xejn: You’re 25 and still living with your mu She knows all about your dirty laundry (figuratively and literally as she probably still insists on washing your clothes). She opens your letters and knows about everything that’s going on in your life, even if you haven’t told her about it. She’ll alsk where you where, and who you were with and if you lie about it, she’ll know; it’s her sixth sense.
  1. Il-Pezzakustjoni: Her child is in all the groups and classes imaginable and she makes sure that they excel in each and every one. Her kid does no wrong which means that speaking to her on parent’s day might be a bit of a pain. Think your child is doing great? Don’t bother mentioning it in front of her as chances are that she’ll go out of her way to make sure you know that hers is doing better.
  1. Iċ-Ċaċċaruna: The who’s social media profile has more active followers than your own. She posts in multiple facebook groups and loves posting pictures of your dog on RUBS puppy love, who always seems to be speaking about itself in the first person. She loves meeting up with the girls for a quick lunch and making new friends is no issue for her. Be warned, she’s very likely to try and start up a conversation with you if you’ve both been queuing for a reasonable amount of time, regardless of what you’re queuing for.

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