There is an excellent chance that you, or someone that you know, believes: ‘We can’t buy happiness, but we can buy wine’.  Wine is the balm to our aching mind and body after a hard day at work.  But apart from the obvious; aka buying dozens of wine bottles that can be opened at your leisure, there are a number of handy items you can buy to make the wine experience an even better one for you and your wine-loving guests .

Wine Thermometer

gift for a wine lover

This useful thermometer can read the temperature of a bottle of wine if you just attach it to the bottle for a few seconds. It’s a great device to possess on a scorching hot island like Malta where a wine that should be at room temperature in summer is probably poured warm if not stored properly.

Wine Chilling Cubes

gift for a wine lover

You know the drill when you forget to chill the bottle and you’re staring forlornly at your bottle of warm, white or rosé wine. Who wants to go through the pain of drinking unchilled wine or diluted wine because you had to put ice cubes in your glass? These wine chilling pearls solve that problem; pop them in a glass and violà you have undiluted cold wine to drink. After, you can just pop them in the freezer and reuse them again, making them a solid investment for your wine-filled days.

Wine-Infused Coffee

gift for a wine lover

Should you opt for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine after a hearty dinner? With this product, you can have the best of both worlds. The bonus is that you can also opt for a touch of wine cleverly disguised in the form of coffee with your breakfast without raising any eyebrows.

Spill-Proof Wine Glass

gift for a wine lover

You’re having a glass or two (or three) with friends on a Saturday night, when the inevitable happens. One of your tipsy friends spills her glass of wine all over your white sofa.  Your first instinct might be to swear profusely, but it’s probably easier to just buy a set of spill-proof wine glasses which are very difficult to topple over and create a mess.

Vacu Vin Wine Saver

gift for a wine lover When faced with a half full open bottle, you know it can go one of both ways. Either you drink the whole bottle so as not to waste it and wake up with blurred vision and a splitting headache. Or else, you can resign yourself to using that wine with your food as it slowly turns into vinegar. The vacu vin wine saver provides an answer to this dilemma; vacuum air out of the bottle before sealing it. This helps prolong its life by a few days, ensuring you can savour it in peace.

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