There are few moments that you enjoy your best friends more than when you see these worst best friends on TV.

Gossip Girl: Serena and Blair / Dan and everyone else

worst best friend on tv series

Queen Bee Blair’s scathing remarks and general self-centredness make Blair a pretty dismal friend. However, Serena takes the award for worst best friend for breaking the ultimate girl code and sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend. Instead of owning up to it, she decides to go MIA for months and leaves Blair alone to deal with one of the hardest moments of her life. She then comes back to spend most of the series whining about her own problems. And remember when Serena takes over Blair’s photoshoot and owns it? That was a pretty low blow!

worst best friend on tv series

We can’t mention Gossip Girl without taking note of the ultimate worst best friend. Outsider Dan Humphrey spent years pretending to be everyone’s friend while secretly gathering information about everyone around him and blogging about it. He was Gossip Girl the whole entire time! That takes the cake for the ultimate betrayal.

Sherlock: Sherlock and Dr Watson

best friends on tv series

We were hesitant about this one because there are many bromance moments between Watson and Sherlock. However, it is testament to Watson’s patience that their relationship survived. Sherlock spends his time dismissing Watson and engaging in passive aggressive comments. Oh, and he was also the reason Watson’s wife got fatally shot, leaving behind her infant child and a heartbroken Watson.

Pretty Little Liars: Alison and Anyone

best friends on tv series

It’s difficult to keep up with all the plot twists Pretty Little Liars graced us with but there has been one thing which has remained constant. Alison is the worst friend ever. Her cruelty extends towards friend and foe alike. She is a perfect manipulator of people’s emotions — she played around with Emily’s feelings fully knowing that she had romantic feelings for her and let’s not forget that she encourages Hannah to engage in unhealthy eating habits. She lets her friends think she’s dead only for her to emerge alive and kicking a few seasons later. Her weak attempt at repentance as the seasons progressed will never serve to erase the inexcusable. What we never understood is why the girls still support her after all she has done.

Sex and the City: Carrie and Miranda

worst best friend in tv series

Carrie understands writing, and understands designer clothes, but she definitely doesn’t understand friendship. Apart from the fact that every conversation has to be about her own life, one of her worst friend moments was when she sent her boyfriend Aidan to pick up Miranda off the bathroom floor after she hurt her neck. No, you don’t send your boyfriend to take care of your naked friend.

Stranger things: Nancy and Barb

worst best friends on tv series

Sisters before misters is quite a staple rule in any friendship, one which was definitely not followed by one member of this duo. New love can be exciting indeed, but leaving your friend alone in a party where she knows no one to go make out with your boyfriend is not exactly best friend material. It gets worse though. Sitting alone by the pool, Barb is kidnapped by the monster and taken to the upside down, where she is mercilessly killed. The internet went nuts over this, with memes about how bad of a friend Nancy is taking over the web for weeks after the episode, and we can’t really blame them. #justiceforbarb

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