We sat down with renowned vocal coach Gillian Attard, who gushes about her busy schedule, future plans and what she has in store for us this year. As she prepares to launch her blog, ‘Miss G’, she is also anticipating the release of a web series she is hosting whilst working on connecting with people through the release of her new music.

GIllian Attard

Gillian is a professional vocal coach with years of experience in the music industry (since she was four years old to be precise), whose success is measured by the number of successful singers she has prepared, trained and helped launch into thriving careers. She is insightful, warm and knowledgeable about all things singing, performance and human. As a vocal coach, she helps people find their voices in every sense of that expression. She also helps students with public speaking and posture. 11 years ago, she opened her own singing school, La Voix Academy, which has now grown to host 15 tutors and over 300 students.

Gillian Attard

Indeed, Gillian has a lot going on. And, as I discovered, she is on the same journey as everyone else; trying to find a way to get everything done whilst maintaining some kind of balance – a balance amid the chaos of her crazy schedule. She treats her students like her own children, and is constantly working hard at La Voix Academy and Gillian Studios. She spends as much time as she can with her son, Beppe, who also happens to be one of her most devoted students.

Beppe and Gillian Attard


While Gillian continues to work hard and expand her repertoire of students, this year she has other things on her plate. She will be focusing a bit more on herself, by means of a personal blog ‘Miss G ‘, which delves into Gillian’s personal journey. She will elaborate on the ups and downs in her career and how she got to where she is today, emphasising the importance of seeing the positive outcome from dire situations. She is an inspiring person to be around, so I can imagine the blog will offer mega doses of motivation.

This year, Gillian will also be hosting a web series, ‘You’ve Got Talent’, in collaboration with Talent Malta, La Voix Academy and Gillian Studios. The talent show premiering in March will see the participation of a number of children in the show, each facing their own challenges as they are divided into groups to battle out each other in exchange for points. The more points earned, the more gifts they’d be taking home with them. The show will be offering a unique glimpse into the lives of its participants, increasing the audiences’s connection to the diverse characters of these participants.

This the first time in years that Gillian will not be taking the role of a vocal coach. She is surely looking forward to be a part of this new venture as a host and taking on the challenge that it brings with it. She says; “ this is one of the biggest challenges I have had to face. I cannot imagine listening to the singers and the comments from their mentors and judges and not being able to express my opinion.”

While this venture is still coming together, Gillian has decided to also pay special attention to her music. She claims that there’s nothing more beautiful than being able to connect with people through music. “I will be focusing on releasing my own music this year. My aim is to be able to inspire others and by no means to participate in any form of competition or festival”.

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