Up in the Air: Passing Time on an Airplane

A flight could imply a great deal of distress. It might be your first time up in the air, and you could also be travelling for some unanticipated reason. On the other hand, it might have become a part of your corporate agenda, another slot on your weekly schedule. Whatever the reason, make sure that you utilise this time to the best of its potential.

Know what to do in case of an emergency landing

Emergency landing

It might be your umpteenth time up in the air, and demonstrations of what to do in case of an emergency landing are no revelation to you, yet, we’ve all done it. We’ve all chosen to fidget with our phones, take selfies and skim through any promotional papers compressed in the compartment in front of us, rather than seriously take note of what to do in case of a misfortune.

Fix any low-quality digital pictures you might have

Travelling Fix Any Low quality

Be it a mobile phone, a tablet, or both, chances are that you have a good number of pictures that still need some editing. A flight could be the right time to such mundane chore. It gives you ample time to upgrade the pictures’ quality, organise them in folders and get rid of any ones you might have captured by mistake. Subsequently you would be saving a bit of space for any new pictures you will be taking in due time.

Redecorate the room you’ve been meaning to do for a long time

Redecorate the room

You do not need to be a Michelangelo to remodel a room. All it takes is just a simple blank paper and a pencil. Don’t worry if for the time being everything seems unrealistic. In the words of Stephen Richards, “It is in doing things… that results come about.” And if you’re a computer whizz, don’t you worry. Many decorating apps for Android and IOS, such as Houzz, Colour Snap and Magic Plan, are for free, and allow navigation while offline. Make the best of them!

Write a story

Write a story

Never done it before? Try it out! Inspiration for a good story could derive from anywhere; be it pictures, articles, advertisements and real life occurrences. The compact climate within an airplane prompts so unusual incidents that with a bit of zesty adjectives could make your piece an instant success. Just be on the alert for anything unusual, and your blank paper will start brimming with ideas!

Go online

Go online

Gone are the days of switching off all electronic devices. In-flight internet does exist and the idea has been with us for more than ten years now. Companies such as Lufthansa, Emirates, Air France, Ryanair and Qatar Airways all provide it for free, especially when it comes to long haul flights. It’s quality is not as good as that on the ground, but providing smooth and reliable broadband internet service at 35,000 feet is understandably a sturdy task. So please, be understanding!

Just think, and reflect

Just think

Given the busy lifestyles we all lead, the only time you get any thinking done is in those few stolen minutes within the shower. Finding yourself comfortably seated on a plane, with very limited options to what you could do, you could just relax, and let your mind wonder. Time spent travelling by plane could help you envisage the way forward, especially in times of hurdle. Just let yourself go and give yourself some much deserved me-time. It works wonders!

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