In a world as competitive as photography and in a place as small as Malta, ten young creatives based in
Malta and Gozo certainly had their work cut out for them when they decided to join forces and head out on
an adventure. Lisse Wetts tells us more.


Ready and willing to take the world (or…well… the Maltese islands)
by a storm, what they experienced was a thousand times better
than golden hour at Għajn Tuffieħa. And what could be better than
that, really?

photography VIDA Malta
Starting the day with a strong coffee as was needed, and a light
lunch, we set off in the style of a potentially awkward first date.
Within seconds, phones and cameras were popping out and
photos of the magnificent blue sea of Għadira Bay were posted
online. True perfection was captured and almost instantly, a
sense of relief was shared amongst them all as those first photos
indicated that their entire day would follow the same trend.
The caffeine rush kicked in and the group of creatives headed to
their first location of the day. L’Aħrax – a place where most realised
that their sense of balance was mediocre at best as they managed
no more than two steps on a slack line.

photography VIDA Malta
Frustration and amusement were mixed but nonetheless, they
unanimously agreed not to take this to the next level and climb
those extra 20 centimetres.
After risking their lives within the first ten minutes, the group
moved on to the next life-threatening activity, as Karl, who just
recently returned from long-boarding around Kefalonia in Greece
arrived with long boards in hand.
The group had long ago learnt that Maltese roads weren’t the
safest and there were only short intervals of peace; which they did
not take for granted.
They took advantage of those short peaceful traffic breaks, faced
the long boards down and they were off!
With the wind in their hair, they drove down, or up, to the Coral                                       Lagoon, the beauty of which you just have to see for yourself. The
cave is known by locals as “L-Aħrax tal-Mellieħa”, which means harsh
rock. If you’re visiting the cave barefoot, you will find that harsh is still a
gentle word choice to describe the volcanic rock around the cave.
Just a word of advice, if ever you feel somewhat numb, take time out of
your day to stand on the edge of this cave. Adrenaline will rush through
your entire body and I can guarantee, numb will no longer even be a
word in your vocabulary.

photography VIDA Malta
The group considered diving into the lagoon but due to the windy
conditions of the day, they decided it would be a tad too risky and left it
for another day.
They swiftly moved on to one of the elements, water, where we all felt
more at home.

photography VIDA Maltaphotography VIDA Malta
Snorkel-sets appeared out of nowhere, which served as a stark
contrast to Nick’s bright pink swim-shorts, that they had somehow
already gotten used to. Few were mildly injured, others drank a saltpan
worth of seawater, but a “do it for the gram” attitude will get you
Lastly, as the sun was setting, they hurried to the Aħrax Tower to
watch the light gently settle down behind Comino and Gozo in the
distance. What an end, what a day … and soon they will be ready and
charged to explore yet another corner of what these stunning islands
have to offer!

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