Our homes seem to be getting smaller and smaller and all our commitments and lifestyle changes are simply reducing the time we can assign to household chores. It’s the season to be jolly and merry, but that doesn’t mean decorating every bit of empty space to get into the spirit. There are a lot of ways and means to brighten up your living quarters. Start by acknowledging that less is more.

Understand that Two Don’t Make One

Christmas decorations deserve all the attention possible. They play a crucial role in setting the festive mood and simply adding them to the usual set up is improper. Instead consider clearing away some of the ornaments to make space for that magnificent golden candle holder or the white clad Santa Claus bearing golden buttons on top of his gigantic belly.  Get rid of the clutter and let those little fine-looking accessories steal the show; it’s their time of the year anyway.

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Decorate in Style

Without a shadow of a doubt the green and red colour combination is synonymous with Christmas. However, given our quest for constant change and differing trends in taste, this colour combination has along the years been revised to reclaim a sense of style long lost. White and gold are the new green and red; they are clean, sleek and fresh, associated with wealth, grandeur, illumination and love.

Dare to Break the Cycle

Thick and abundant green Christmas trees are definitely the standard when Christmas decorating, but if you simply do not feel like abiding to the usual décor, you can opt for a totally white washed or a branch tree. Stark white trees allow more space whilst ironically giving the impression that they are bigger.


Keep it Tidy

Gone are the days of multi-coloured lights, a smart act that restored a cleaner tone to an otherwise confusing setting.  Christmas lights are considerably cheap, convenient, and pretty long-lasting. However, they are definitely artificial, static and cold. Instead consider decorating your living room and bedroom the old way. Candles are short-lived and some of them can be expensive too, but lighting a room using just candles sparks a kind of magic unmatched by other unnatural light sources.

Go for Some Lavish Decoration

They might be a little bit pricey but they surely transmit a feel-good factor. Do consider investing in some real gold finished Christmas baubles and figurines. One or two of them can reinvigorate your space and add value to the decorating experience. Quality and excellence mean money, but your home deserves nothing but the best.