Art into Fashion - Interview with Saz Mifsud, DesignerExotic birds, beautiful flowers, delicate plants and Maltese seashells are the perfect source of inspiration for Saz Mifsud’s impressive collections. Painter and designer, Mifsud has over the past years earned a reputation as one of the best products in the local fashion industry. Her brand was born from the idea that a painting can become a piece of clothing. She strives to merge the worlds of art and fashion by transferring her paintings and photography to fabrics, which are then hand-sewn into beautiful women’s and men’s accessories. Saz Mifsud shared with VIDA what encouraged her to develop her very own brand, her sources of inspiration and her plans for the future.

What attracted you to design?

I was drawn to the fashion world at a young age. A visit to a costume exhibition in France stands out in my memory. When you look at French historic costumes you find beautiful fabrics, impeccable sewing and the most intricate hand-crafted beading, stitching and
embroidery. I was so attracted to the thought and hard work behind each piece of fabric – the process a piece of cloth goes through before it even becomes a garment. This was my first taste of design, and since then I’ve been hooked.

How did your studies at the University for the Creative Arts in the UK develop your interest to start your own brand?

My studies taught me how to create digital textiles – my degree was specifically in Fashion Print Design. It gave me the knowledge necessary for creating digitally printed designs on fabrics, and then turning those fabrics into garments. I believe that the most beautiful
way of showing an entire print is on a scarf, as you get to see the whole design just as you would when looking at a painting in a frame. This mindset pushed me to start my scarf brand back in 2013.

What story does the ‘Saz Mifsud’ brand tell?

The idea behind the brand is that an artwork, be it a painting or a photograph, can become a piece of clothing. We create bold, richly coloured accessories that women can take from day to night. They are for the woman on-the- go, who wears simple, classic outfits but keeps them fresh and modern with a silken pop of colour. The colours we use for our products are special – we experiment, play with and mix unusual hues creating colour schemes that are different to most you would find on the market, and I think this is a strength for the brand.

How has your project developed since setting up a stall with a few items at the Patches Artisan Market way back in 2013?

The response I got from Patches market was so promising that it encouraged me to turn my passion into a full blown business. The wonderful reaction I have received from women in search of colourful clothes in beautiful silks encourages me to grow more and more. Today, the brand is just over 5 years old and features a collection of silk scarves and clutch bags, headbands and leather bags. We work with an array of seamstresses and specialist
companies to create luxurious products of superior quality. To facilitate our continued growth we’re determined to keep searching for new collaborators and companies to work with.

Art into Fashion - Interview with Saz Mifsud, Designer

What inspires your collections? How does nature fit into your work?

I’m inspired by different elements from nature. Last season it was florals, this season it’s birds. In the past we’ve also made a collection featuring seashells. What I love about nature is the endless opportunities it provides for unusual colour combinations and beautiful textures. You never find colours in nature that do not work together! The inspiration nature’s beauty provides is infinite, from the many textures in a single leaf to the bold hues of a parrot.

How are striking images transformed into amazing accessories?

I produce each design by collaging the nature photos I’ve taken with my own paintings – I put this imagery on the computer where I create a digital design. This design is then sent to printers abroad where it is printed onto silk or leather, depending on the product it is
being produced for. Our leather bags for example are printed in New York onto very high quality authentic leather. They are then sent to the production company where they are stitched to perfection. Each product has passed through several hands before it is perfected. What is important to us is that we know who is making our products, and that the workers we choose are happy craftspeople. This is an important part of our process
and we believe that because of it, the final result is simply gorgeous.

What are your plans for the future?Art into Fashion - Interview with Saz Mifsud, Designer

Our main product range now includes silk scarves of three different sizes, silk clutch bags, headbands and a collection of leather bags with vivid avian prints. We take our time researching and creating a new product because we want the materials, feel and design to be just right. Next we are searching for ways of expanding internationally. Although our Maltese clientele are lovely and so dear to us, we want to share our products across the globe. For anyone interested in working with us to promote, share or distribute our products both locally or internationally kindly email [email protected] . Website:

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