A Taste of Luxury with Azure Ultra

Azure Ultra

Some lucky so and so won nearly Half a Million Euros on the Super 5 last night. Suffice to say, it wasn’t me. I know it wasn’t me, and probably never will be me. Not because I am particularly unlucky – but because to win the Super 5 you actually have to buy a ticket and I never remember to… so all in all the chances of me one day becoming a millionaire are relatively slim.

However, my job often allows me to glimpse into the lifestyle of the rich, and sometimes the famous, and last week saw one such occasion. To my surprise, I was about to find out that sumptuous luxury can be affordable and not out of the reach of the ‘Average Joe’.

I was invited to an evening reception on a luxury 69ft Motor Yacht Mio Amore courtesy of Azure Ultra. Now this is not the first time that I have been to such an occasion, and with the collection of Sunseeker motor yachts moored in the spectacular Grand Harbour Marina in Birgu, I grabbed my colleague and headed down with big smiles on our faces in anticipation of the evening that lay ahead.

As on previous occasions, the crew warmly welcomed guests from the moment they step onto the pontoon. We were greeted with canapes and a glass of Prosecco as we stepped aboard the luxury yacht. The roomy saloon was full of familiar faces, whilst the aft deck was decorated with spectacular culinary delights. The two of us set about catching up with fellow guests and enjoying Azure’s stunning hospitality. The event included a cruise around Grand Harbour, whilst we waved much like the queen at the smaller yachts and boats below.

Mid evening the party was temporarily interrupted whilst the team introduced themselves and this season’s new concept from Azure – an overnight luxury bed and breakfast onboard the yacht, whilst berthed in the spectacular Grand Habour Marina. ‘Nice idea’ I thought to myself.

When I first came to Malta 10 years ago I lived on a catamaran in Grand Harbour Marina for over a year, and I can testify that it is a truly stunning location to wake up in. However, what I wasn’t expecting was the well thought-out affordability of the concept: €250 for two people for the night, including a luxury breakfast on board, exclusivity and full privacy whilst on the yacht and double cabin with all the trimmings. Quickly my mind started to calculate the value of the offer; a full exclusive suite in a luxury 5 star hotel, staff on hand, and breakfast-with-a-view. Now, when you put it like that, Azure are not only offering a unique concept, they are also offering truly affordable luxury.

I am convinced. Just gotta find someone to take with me.

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