Everyone is pretty much settling back into their autumn/winter schedules – summer is over, and the days are getting shorter. It is also time for the kids and teenagers to get back to school. It goes without saying that parents should make their children realise how important it is to get a good education – however, extracurricular activities should also be encouraged. Not only are extracurricular activities considered to be a break from schoolwork, but they are also essential for a child’s health and well-being.

Book/Library Club

dead poets society

Remember Mr Keating’s boys? Robin Williams’ much loved portrayal of John Keating in Dead Poets Society is an example of how the power of literature can truly broaden a child’s mind. Do encourage your children to read – let them get lost in another world by joining a book club. The exchanging of ideas can enhance their way of thinking.



Nowadays, we live in a world where we are too reliant on technology. We are constantly glued to our laptop screens or our phones – missing out on what’s happening out there. Set an example and persuade your kids to take up a sport as an extracurricular activity. Be it dancing, basketball, football and so on, anything that gets them off their laptops for a while.

Musical Theatre

5242794698_7c15cb3743_o“Consider yourself at home” on stage! – The three disciplines – Acting, Singing and Dancing, can aid your child’s development so much. Musical theatre shouldn’t be restricted solely to those who are naturally gifted. It has been proven that Musical Theatre can work wonders on those who tend to shy away from opportunities. It can truly give a boost in confidence to those who need it.

Learning a Musical Instrument

Musical Instrument

What is a world without music? Music is part of our everyday lives. Learning how to play a musical instrument can be so beneficial – not only does it reduce school stress, but it exposes children to cultural history, teaches them how to persevere and also lets them foster their self-expression.

Art Classes


Perhaps not all of us mere mortals are destined to be a Michelangelo, a Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo, but an art class is another way to prompt children to take up an extracurricular activity. It goes without saying that art classes are another occasion for children to develop a creative side – art classes also allow children to build their confidence, allows them to pay attention to detail and it also gives them a sense of pride and achievement.