Beating the Traffic on First Day of School

Back to school

“There is no doubt that I have lots of words inside me; but at moments,  like rush-hour traffic at the mouth of a tunnel, they jam.” John Updike

The stress-free mornings have now become a gorgeous habit. There’s no need to rush out of bed at half past five to fetch fresh bread and milk. No need to wake up the young lazy bones whilst spreading the soft cheese on thin slices of bread for them. The cat beside the kitchen counter pestering you with its loud, long-drawn-out whining sounds is now just a thing of the past. You’re on cloud nine and have no intention whatsoever to come down.

But all good things must come to an end: school is starting!

Tank Up

First day of school is here, but there is no need to worry, right? You surely have it all under control! The book list is all sorted; bag, pencil case, lunch box and bottle are all brand new; the kid is just brimming with all the knowledge picked up during revision class; and you’re all restored following months of quieter days. Wait! But the long journey to school is approaching. Is the tank filled up? No, that’s certainly wrong! Half full is just not enough.

Plan Ahead

If you’re planning on leaving the house 10 minutes before the school bell rings, cover the 15 minute journey to end up just 5 minutes late “due to all the crazy traffic out there on first day of school”, won’t work. Many of the road works being carried out will divert you to alternative routes and will continually halt your acceleration a thousand times.

Jump on the Bandwagon

Take public transport

All schools provide transport; not all of them are free, granted, but an alternative taxi to yours does exist. The kid might have to wake up half an hour earlier to catch the bus at an ungodly hour; and packed lunch might have to be prepared earlier, but that will give you some bounty time to run the final errands before another busy day. Besides, public transport in Malta is always going round, sometimes in circles, true, but it’s always available!

Get a Two Wheeler

Get a two wheeler!

How does getting the parking issue resolved sound to you? Tempting right? You’re just two wheels away! Bikes and motorcycles make parking super easy, and that here is a matter that concerns us excessively. Also, when compared to cars they are cheaper to maintain; more ecofriendly; and can access all roads.

Go Green

You might want to show off your new car or bike, wave a sentimental goodbye to your kid and chit chat with the excessively communicative parent you’ve been missing since June, but first day of school is absolutely not the right time to do so. Instead, kiss goodbye your kid before going on the school bus, and if possible, delay all commitments to later on in the day, so as to avoid the rush hour (even though that has now been extended by some three hours).

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