Up for a treat? Ask Becky!

Rebecca from Becky’s Treats tells us all about how she got into the art of baking and what she has in store for us in the near future.

Ever since I was a child, I have always loved cooking; in fact, my original aspiration was to become a chef. Funnily enough, I remember watching shows like Ready, Steady, Cook at a young age and I used to pretend to cook along with them with my plastic food toys. I guess I always found it inspiring to see professional people cook.

I started Becky’s treats as an appreciation of wholesome and freshly baked goods; I wanted to make treats that taste good and make people feel good, with the freshest ingredients possible; treats that taste like they were made with precision and care, not like something mass produced.

My journey started with my grandmother; she was the first person who pushed me to experiment with cooking when I was younger. Around the time I started Becky’s treats, I had helped her rediscover her love for making traditional Maltese Krustini and in turn, she helped me rediscover my passion for baking. I even decided to start making Krustini for Becky’s Treats to try and keep the love for traditional bakes in people’s hearts.

Traditional Maltese Pastini.
Traditional Maltese Pastini. (Photo: Becky’s Treats)

The industry is full of inspiring people I look up to within this industry. Aside from the big leagues who endlessly inspire me, such as Julia Child, Heston Blumental, and Paul Hollywood, I must mention the local entrepreneurs who took the bull by the horns and expanded their culinary businesses into the household names they are today. I can’t help but feel inspired by businesses like Pastizzi Gourmet, Emma’s Kitchen Project and even the team behind New York’s Best and the Waffle Brothers, who started something from scratch that is honest, visionary and effective with the Maltese public.

What initially motivated Becky’s Treats as a business was my decision to participate in a public artisan fair. I took the risk and I got an overwhelming response from everyone who tasted my bakes. Receiving such wonderful feedback from returning customers gave me a sense of gratification – what I made was actually good and it made people feel good; it’s immensely fulfilling and it motivated me to continue growing my business.

Chocolate chip and M&M's oat balls
Chocolate chip and M&M’s oat balls. (Photo: Becky’s Treats)

Since I mostly focused on my studies these past few years, I did not dedicate as much time to my business as I wanted, but as I’ll be graduating later on this year, I’ve recently found the time I needed to give the business more space to grow and boost it into the business I wish for it to be in the future.

I’ve been trying to implement new things every few months to keep my products engaging and keep my vision as fresh and fruitful as possible. I believe in being as dietary inclusive as possible; I offer a large range of baked goods that are made with whoever is lactose or gluten intolerant in mind. I also cater for whoever prefers raw or vegan treats and find it important to highlight the flavours and textures in simple treats by focusing on the quality of ingredients and the patience and love for the technique. My ultimate aim is to bring a dynamic experience through my products to give each customer a feel-good sensation with each bite.

Vegan, Gluten Free and Lactose Free Chocolate Protein Balls
Vegan, Gluten Free and Lactose Free Chocolate Protein Balls. (Photo: Becky’s Treats)

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