Are you an early bird in search of a peaceful activity this summer?  Worry not, for we’ve got you covered with the best spots on the islands to view the breathtaking sunrise.

  1. Ta’ Xbiex

Such a stunning view can easily keep you riveted to the spot until you catch your breath. But whilst you’re there, you can just as well opt for an early morning run /jog along the seaside promenade which runs all the way from Pietà to St. Julian’s.

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  1. St Julian’s

Being up this early with such a mesmerising view and atmosphere begs for an early dip in the sea when you know for sure that the beach won’t be crowded, the sun won’t be scorching hot, and the sea will be fresher than a daisy!

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  1. Valletta

The age-old beauty of Valletta can be especially relished in the early hours of the day, with a truly magical golden atmosphere.  You can make a cultural trip out of this one!  In such a culturally rich city, you can never end up with nothing to do.  Walking around the coast can be very refreshing and at times adventurous, especially when it comes to the edge of the peninsula where the terrain is not the smoothest and easiest of paths.  Valletta never runs out of historical museums, soyou will definitely find at least one that you haven’t been to yet, so buckle up and get ready to see a different perspective of the bastions you’ve just walked around.

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  1. Sliema

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If you’re a meditation enthusiast, why not take this time-out to reflect in peace, perhaps attend a yoga session by the sea? Start your day the right way before you return to the busy summer schedule of the average Maltese person.

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  1. Mġarr –Gozo

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The picturesque view from Mġarr harbour is definitely worth all the effort that you made to arrive at this hour!  Whether you’re Gozitan, Maltese or a tourist, this sight will surely pump up your day, and if you’re not heading to your long journey to work, you can always cease the opportunity to have a field day. Start your day with a full hearty breakfast and go discover the Gozitan hidden gems – the island is your oyster!

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