Breaking the Nutty Myth

Bowl of nuts
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Since the dawn of time, fad diets have filled us with long lists of foods that should be banned from our pantries and a relatively shorter list of foods we should put on a pedestal. However, such diets result in misconceptions about which foods will get you to that summer body the fastest, and which ones will prolong the process. Unfortunately, nuts have been quite misunderstood in this frenzy of unmaintainable fasting, and have been excluded from many people’s meal plans due to their apparent high fat content. It appears that there’s some explaining to do.

There are Good Fats and Bad Fats:
Not all of the fats are bad, but hold your horses, that’s no excuse to rush over to the nearest fast food outlet. Health problems arise from saturated and transfats; luckily for us, neither of these are found within the fats that nuts contain.

Don’t Go Nuts on the Nuts:
portion control is key. Every 30 g of nuts, which is equal to a handful, (unless of course you have giant hands and when it comes to nuts, so many of us do), contains about 160-200 calories. The calories coming from nuts are actually the kind of calories you do want to consume, so I suggest you grab a handful and hide the packet somewhere out of your reach, as more often than not, once you pop you can’t stop.

Genuinely Good for You:
nuts lower your blood cholesterol level, are low in sugar and quite high in fibre – all the characteristics you should be looking for if you want to shed that extra weight.

Gets your Body Working:
Consuming nuts increases your metabolism by convincing your body to use up more energy, hence burn more fat. This means that if weight loss is your goal, eating a moderate amount of nuts is guaranteed to help you lose weight.

A Dieter’s Dream:
According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people are more likely to stick to diets if nuts are included in the plan, since they don’t consider nuts to be something you eat when you’re trying to lose weight and won’t feel like they are missing out on any of the “good stuff”.