How you Can Make Your Tan Last Longer this Summer


There are 2 two kinds of people in this world: those who are constantly looking for a cool spot, trying to hold on to every bit of shade which will protect them from the sun; then there are those who bask their oil glistened bodies while laying in the sunlight on some beach, eagerly waiting for the sun to tan their skin. While we all want that perfect summer tan, we can all agree that the way many strive to achieve it is not entirely safe, and with the peak of summer well within our reach, one needs to take extra measures to make sure they are protecting themselves from the sun. Here are some tips on how you can safely achieve a tan and maintain a healthy glow throughout the season.

1. Protect:
We know it sounds strange, but hear us out. When you stubbornly refuse to put sun block on in fear that it will hinder the sun’s ability to give you a beautiful summer colour, you are only setting yourself up for an inevitable sun burn which will do nothing except turn you into a lobster. The colour achieved through a sun burn fades quicker as the damaged skin cells will peel off much easier. Wearing sun screen protects you from sun burns and gives you a gradual tan which is easier to maintain.

2. Exfoliate:
Scrub up before starting any tanning session ladies! You’ll thank us for it later. The outer layer of your skin changes every two weeks or so, which means that exfoliating and getting rid of that extra dead skin yourself will make your skin a blank canvas to be painted on by the sun’s rich summery colours; this way your tan will last for at least two weeks for sure.

3. Moisturise:
Some moisturiser a day keeps the peeling at bay, so moisturise whenever you can. If your skin gets the opportunity to become dry, it will start peeling, and believe us when we tell you that once it starts it won’t stop any time soon. After Sun, body oils and your own moisturisers should always be handy and applied at least once a day to keep your skin fully hydrated.

4. Cool Showers:
Taking a hot bath is quite likely to dehydrate your skin and will therefore lead you to a faster route towards peeling. Stick to cool and refreshing showers and use moisturising shower oils to really lock down your colour.

5. Eat Carrots:
Studies have shown that due to the beta-carotene found within them, eating carrots will help you maintain your tan and enhance your skin tone. This would also explain why so many tanning oils and lotion have carrot oil or beta carotene.

Side Tip:
Wearing white will create the illusion that you are tanner than you actually are, so if lying in the sun for hours is not really your thing, you can always cheat and give wearing white a try.