The Malta International Fireworks Festival, now in its 16th year, guarantees a vibrant spectacle that can be enjoyed from many strategic points of the island, depending on the location. Having kicked off in Gozo last weekend, the Malta International Fireworks Festival, resumed this Friday in Marsaxlokk and is expected to come to a  dazzling end at the Grand Harbour this Sunday. With influences deriving from Malta’s Presidency of the Council of the EU, this year’s edition is expected to be one of outstanding quality.

Can you name the different fireworks?




Dragon Egg / Pop / Stilla Tfaqqa’ 
Dragon egg


Blalen bl-Istilla tat-Tleblib
blalen bl-istilla tat-tleblib


Baraxx bi Fjammi Taħt
baraxx bil-fjammi taht

The festival is an opportunity for fireworks manufacturers to showcase their creative, colourful creations in synchronisation with music.

All terminology and definitions accompanying the images and a whole lot more were recorded in a recent study by Mr Carlston Grima for his Master Thesis titled Studju Soċjolingwistiku fuq ir-Reġistru tal-Piroteknika Maltija: a study documenting the jargon related to pyrotechnics in Malta.

Kaxxa Infernali, Klabb Kotba Maltin, Carlston Grima
Kaxxa Infernali, a dictionary that emerged from Grima’s study, will soon be on sale. Published by Klabb Kotba Maltin.

This study, considered to be a dictionary in its own right, contains some 1,200 varieties that the Maltese manufacturers of fireworks make use of on a daily basis.

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Images: George Scerri (retrieved from the Malta International Fireworks Festival facebook page).
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