Celebrate in style – nye in Sydney

Sydney, Australia

I don’t think that this destination needs any introduction, so instead I’ll give you an insight to the New Year’s vibe in this place. It is definitely one of the most, if not the most, vibrant city that Australia has to offer.

At this time of the year it seems that everyone flocks in from all over the country, doubled by the tourists that fly in, mainly to enjoy the festivities that Sydney has to offer and the famous New Years fireworks show that will be televised all over the world. Planning ahead for this time of the year here is essential or else you could end up just getting caught up with crowds well away from where you would want to be.

Sydney is an incredibly accessible city – getting here can be done by plane, bus, car, boat, you name it. The hardest thing to do if you haven’t planned ahead though is finding accommodation. You must book ahead for this or else you could find yourself on the streets or paying some major cash for something not that special.

Keep in mind that people from all over Australia and outside Australia mark down the Sydney New Years Eve fireworks show on their bucket list. Backpackers 90% of the time include this event as a must-do as part of their route. Therefore there is a high volume of tourists that would occupy most budget and medium-range accommodations. When we say book ahead, we mean book a couple of months ahead.

Depending on your means of travel, you can find many caravan parks situated around most major areas within Sydney and within decent proximity to where you want to be on New Year’s Eve. Most are located near a train line, which would be essential. Hostels and hotels are infinite yet as mentioned already, if left late they will be full up or they would have raised their prices to extortionate rates. If you plan it well, you can book accommodation that will have direct transport access to where you need to be on the night or, ideally, in walking distance. An alternative option of accommodation would be Air BnB.

Whilst waiting on the big night, there are loads of attractions to see within the city that would take up most of your time. The train system here is very well organised and you can fit in quite a bit in one day. If you do anything outside the city, I would recommend having your own transportation.

The key attractions outside the city would be the national parks and the Blue Mountains. Within the city, and all accessible by local transport, you will obviously be told to check out the Sydney bridge, the Opera House, the Rocks, Bondi Beach, Darling Harbour, Sea life aquarium, and the list goes on. One major attraction that is not always on the list though is the Anzac memorial, which is located right next to the National Museum and Hyde Park, both must see places also. There are loads of Anzac memorials all over the country, there is no doubt that Australia takes huge pride in this, but out of all the memorials in the country this one is definitely the most stunning.


On the day itself, people start flocking in from as early as 10am but you will not have to worry about any sort of disorganisation. The locals here have practised this event now for enough years that they have mastered the situation more than any other city in the world could for this sort of event. The trains are your best means of getting around on this day and I highly advise that you check online for any updates on traffic, road closures and vantage point capacities. Signage in the city during the week coming up to the day is also well laid out and helpful to both locals and tourists alike. The train operates so well that your fear of being stuck in queues or being late simply goes out of the door. Every year there is a website called www.sydneynewyearseve.com that will lay out all the vantage points that families and party goers can situate themselves for the day and night events. It will provide all information on the location, how to get there and more. Make sure you check this out if you are planning on doing this properly.

Obviously as the show draws closer, the queues will rack up the nearer you get the centre and if you are winging it you will get caught up. However as much as there will be queues there will also be space everywhere you go. Emergency services are everywhere and rest areas have also been set up pretty much everywhere you go. Ideally you are at one of these organised vantage points and you will be able to watch the show in comfort. The fireworks show itself is absolutely stunning – as a Maltese person myself used to some stunning fireworks shows back home, I can admit that the New Years Eve show here simply blew me away. Definitely one for the bucket list, the scenery for this show just makes it that much better. If you are planning on having a late night out however, you can forget about it. All pubs and clubs will close at around 2am and that will call it a wrap on the whole event.

Remember if you are in Australia for a while make sure to try and include this time of the year and if you were simply planning a short trip here, this would be a good time to go.

Until next time, let the world be your playground.


Marc Casolani