It’s easy to spend a lot more money in summer, when everyone is keen on eating out, drinking cocktails, attending parties and boat trips. We’re only halfway through summer and we’re already tired of staring at a pitifully empty bank account. These alternatives help you make the most of these sunny days without breaking the bank.

Watch the Stars

The balmy summer evenings are the best time of the year to appreciate a starlit sky. The difficult part is finding a place that has little to no light, so that the sky is clearly lit up and the twinkling stars can be easily seen. If you download an app such as Sky Map, you can point your mobile at the sky and identify the constellations you’re looking at. Pretty nifty, right?

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Walk By the Sea

A short, casual walk on the promenade is an excellent way of keeping to your budget this summer. However, the prospect of walking by the sea tends to be boring. How long are you going to walk by the sea without doing anything else? A good solution might be fitness apps such as Zombies, Run  to spice up your walk and add some fun to the mix.

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Rediscover your Outdoor Space

Do you have an outdoor space that you have long forgotten? Whether you have a terrace, a large balcony, or part of the roof, utilise it as a BBQ area. It’s a cheaper way to eat with friends and have a chill night while making the most of space you already have anyway.

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Village Feast

Summer in Malta brings about an endless list of village feasts occurring in every town and village across Malta and Gozo. Village feasts are great because they’re essentially free entertainment, whether in the form of the village band, colourful fireworks, or a festive village march. At best, the only money you’ll spend is on a festa doughnut, or nougat, the famous Maltese sticky delicacy, and a bottle of cold beer.

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Watch the Sunset

The days are longer in summer, giving you ample time to finish from work and make your way to the beach to view the sunset. Perhaps one of the best places to watch the spectacular sunset in Malta is Għajn Tuffieħa beach, which not only gives you impressive views of the orange sunset hues, but provides a peaceful atmosphere. The only thing missing – a chilled glass of wine or a bottle of beer. If one of your summer goals is to lose weight, you get some exercise up the long flight of stairs. How long will it take you to make it to the top?

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2017 – VIDA Magazine – Amy Webb