This season’s winter trends have been dominated by darker sets of florals, maximalist dressing, all-things-red, and luxe materials such as velvets and satins. In keeping with the capsule collection idea (as discussed in previous editions), the festive looks proposed are not very far off from the pieces that constitute the capsule, save for a couple of statement items that might have to be added to heighten the overall ensembles.

The three occasions that have been selected are very common among most people – first off is the workplace, as staff events have already started taking place; this is followed by family parties around Christmas time, whereas the last outfit idea is connected with the more gala-style events held to usher in the New Year. The inspiration and the point of this exposition is to go beyond your comfort zone in creating outfits that promise to be as exciting as the events!









Wearing black for festive events has, as an outfit choice, withstood the test of time for many decades. However, it can be rather bland when it comes to Christmas-centred dressing. Despite being foolproof, it does not really spell ‘thinking outside the box’.

Yet, with a more calculated choice of materials and exciting accoutrements thrown in the mix, it can definitely make a polished look that takes you from work to dinner. For example, winter whites set the tone perfectly, as do the darker grey tonalities.

What is interesting in the first look is how a rollneck plus cardigan ‘set’ (left) and the crisp shirt (right) look anything but dowdy because they are refined by means of leather-looking pants and a pleated midi skirt.

The second look is defined by shape – cue in a cinched-in waist – but what shifts the seriousness is the tomboyish cap, the patent sock boots, and a pop of colour thanks to the bag.


Damsel in Dior Ellie Next Door










The Outfit: Centre your outfit around comfy knits, and complement the look with understated but fun accessories. If you are more into the Christmas spirit than you are into Christmas sweaters, opt for a subtlypatterned one that can still be merged with other stylised pieces. Jacey’s outfit works well because of how she balances the sweater with the suede skirt and adds white tones, whilst Ellie’s look is simple yet striking – it is also ideal for concealing a lunch-induced food baby!

The Pieces: Mix and match casual sweaters with a more structured skirt and a sequined pair of ankle boots.


Sequin Sophia










The Outfit: Forgo your usual little black dress – instead add luxurious or sparkling touches to your ensemble this year (e.g. a silky-feel jumpsuit in maroon/burgundy hues, or a lightly sequined dress). Dress not to impress others but mostly to be comfortable and glamorous simultaneously. Although maximalism is huge this season, you do not have to look all lit like a Christmas tree. Instead, create a look that underlines the NEW YOU in NYE by choosing fresh and unusual combinations.

Granted, the jumpsuit-and-sneakers pairing is not to everyone’s taste, but it will allow you to dance the night away – alternatively, retain comfort without compromising on glitz thanks to (kitten) heels. If you are more into boots, then an over-the-knee pair in satin or velvety iterations will keep you toasty and saves you from wearing opaque tights.

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