The Christmas season brings with it the horror of a myriad of clichéd, soppy Christmas songs with annoyingly catchy tunes that remain stuck in your head way more than they should.

Before you go ahead and break every sound system that is emitting these songs, we’re providing you with some alternative Christmas songs that should add an extra flair to this Christmas season.

Ludacris – Ludacrismas

‘Fred Claus’, an obscure movie released around a decade ago has left one golden nugget: a catchy hip hop Christmas song. Ludacris singing that all he wants for Christmas is ‘two gold front teeth and ten carat diamonds on a fat gold wreath’ is a sure-fire way to get into the Christmas spirit.

 King Diamond – No Presents for Christmas

Silent night? Nope don’t think so. This song by King Diamond released three decades ago on Christmas Day is still one of the band’s top hits and is sung live to this day. Its opening calm tune composed of the sleigh bells’ tinkling serves to lull us into a false sense of security, only for us to be met with shouts and screams typical of heavy metal songs after a few seconds.

 I Declare War – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

This song starts off innocently enough, with the lively introduction being very similar to one of the most popular songs of the season. It soon descends into the stuff of nightmares, making this heavy metal version a welcome reprieve from the annoyingly cheerful original.

Christopher Lee – Little Drummer Boy

Remember the song we all used to sing during Christmas as kids? This version transforms it into something nearly unrecognisable, which is great, because we’re still suffering from the trauma of being up on that school stage. The deep baritone voice of Christopher Lee bellowing ‘pa rap pa pam’ is only an added bonus.

Treacherous Three – Xmas Rap

Christmas with a difference? What better way than listening to an ongoing feud between The Treacherous Three and Santa Claus, with the dialogue being shaped into a catchy rap song. Xmas Rap, which features in the 1986 film ‘Beat Street’, is pretty much an entertaining torrent of scorn directed towards Santa Claus.

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