Christmas Trends 2018/2019

Like every year, one of the world’s most popular Christmas fairs, Christmasworld, held in Frankfurt, has set the trends, themes, and colours, which will be stamping their mark on this festive season. In fact, four main trend-setting styles have been presented and staged as the core of this upcoming Christmas: vivid heritage, eclectic gathering, balanced sobriety, and splendid history.

Blue and gold: splendid history

This style is perfect for those who love luxury, and don’t want to experiment with new extravagant trends. Inspired by Rococo and Baroque style, this luxurious and elegant theme reminds us of the opulence of the 15th century Italian palaces. In fact, the aim of this trend is to reinterpret the Baroque philosophy in unconventional and modern ways. The predominant colours are gold and dark blue, as well as dark red and brown. These are the perfect hues to express the drama. In terms of materials, the real protagonists are lace, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, and marble. These are always combined with dark, saturated colours, together with accents in aventurine and blue aquamarine. Why not surprise your guests with sophistication this Christmas?

Christmas Trends 2018/2019 SPLENDID HISTORY

Japanese style: balanced sobriety

If last year was dominated by the Hygge style, this season will not forget the minimalist philosophy either. A purism of design characterised by clean and neat lines, inspired mainly by the light-coloured woods, matt brass, and shiny black surfaces of a sophisticated Japanese aesthetic, which finds expression in restrained natural tones. The decorative geometric shapes give the idea of clarity, perfection, and balance. The colours range from pure white to rose gold, a shiny cool grey, a deep bordeaux red and black. ‘Less is more’ is always valid, even for this upcoming Christmas 2018!

Christmas Trends 2018/2019 BALANCED SOBRIETY

Folk style: vivid heritage

This style interprets traditional handcraft skills from diverse cultures- Scandinavian, Eastern European, and South American – in a modern way that is full of vitality and joy, with strong colours like mustard, petrol, and red. Particularly, in evidence are patterns drawn from folklore and ethnic motifs, often in appliqué or embroidery. This can be the perfect trend for people who love travelling and bringing back home souvenirs or traditional objects from the countries they’ve visited. Mixing and matching Russian dolls, Swedish wooden Dala horses, or handmade felted gnomes is not only possible this season, but it’s also super fashionable!

Christmas Trends 2018/2019 VIVID HERITAGE

Contemporary style: Eclectic gathering

This extravagant trend combines apparent contrasts of exaggerated shapes, materials, and patterns, such as crystal, foil, mother of pearl, and mirror-glass, with playful details. It creates surprise collage effects in pink, lemon yellow, mandarin orange, azure, rosé, black, and gold. Decorations recreate animal shapes like butterflies or chicks with strong and joyful colours, giving your house (or your Christmas tree) a happy and absolutely eye-catching, striking look!

Christmas Trends 2018/2019 ECLECTIC GATHERING

Now that you are aware of the latest Christmas trends for 2018, there is nothing else to do but to start getting creative, interpret, and adapt those styles according to your taste!

Spoiler alert: I could also anticipate the four emotional worlds of style for the next festive season, but I will keep this secret for a future issue.


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