We are all confused here, we are all lost. And you
know what? It’s okay.

We are surrounded by questions every single
day. What do we want out of our partners? Shall
we be single or in a relationship? Are our friends
real? What do we want to do with our lives? What
makes us happy? Do we want children? What brings
us joy? Are we even happy at work? What is our
dream job? Are we living? Are we even happy in our
relationships? What is our purpose in life? Are we


We are surrounded by questions, every single day.
The answers don’t seem to be written anywhere.
We don’t have any answers to all of the questions
above, and this makes us confused about which
road to choose.

Things are unclear to us, but things are unclear
to all of us. We live a confusing life in a confusing
world – all because we have so many options to
choose from. And when we’re confused, we end up
not choosing. We end up stuck, lost, and indecisive
about which road to take.

If you are unsure and need to make a decision
about something, find some time alone to focus
on the decision, reflect and balance out the good
and the bad. Also, ask a friend for advice, but don’t
follow it completely. Listen to yourself and to your
emotions whilst that friend gives you advice. Listen
to your reply to make your own opinion and decision
stronger. No one is you and no one will ever be you.
No one can ever give you better advice than your
own self.

If you’re still confused, just flip a coin. I learnt that
flipping a coin should not be done for the outcome
to determine which road you should choose, but
once it’s in the air, deep down you will feel whether
you want the coin to land on heads or tails. Follow
that emotion – follow that desire, follow your heart,
follow your intuition and follow your gut.

Trust yourself and believe that by putting time and
energy into your decision, it will in return, result in
the best decision.

It’s okay.

We are all confused here – we are all lost. And you
know what? It’s okay, because the worst thing is
not the fact that you’re confused, but the fact that
you got stuck. So whatever you feel, keep moving,
choose which road to take, and always move

Brenda Casha

© 2018 – VIDA Magazine