Year after year it feels like Malta’s summers keep getting worse than the previous ones. You will find sun-worshippers who flock to Malta’s beaches and pools at least three times a week; they enjoy nothing more than spending a whole day there sipping cocktails and topping up the tan. Nevertheless, others find the unending heat unbearable. It almost feels like you’re walking into hell the second you set foot outside. So for those of you who prefer winter, we’ve got a treat for you.

Consider visiting places in the Southern Hemisphere such as New Zealand, Australia and Chile. Perhaps it’s weird for us to decipher how countries that are situated in the Southern Hemisphere experience cold temperatures during this time of year. Nevertheless there’s a very simple reason behind this. Have you ever wondered why we have four seasons? This is due to the tilt of the earth’s axis. Various parts of the globe are hit by the sun’s rays more directly during different times of the year.


Think of the majestic mountains, the stunning lakes, the hot springs and so on. New Zealand simply has it all, whenever you decide to pay a visit.


To name a few places of interest in New Zealand, Rotorua certainly deserves a worthy mention. The mud baths, the colourful crater lakes, the magnificent landscapes, the exploding geysers; simply put, Rotorua is every traveller’s paradise. You are able to experience a mixture of the old and the new; you can visit Rotorua to learn about the Māori culture. Māori people are known for their hospitality and sense of humour. Villages such as Te Puia, Mitai and Tamaki are a must-see for this; you get to be part of a cultural experience that involves singing, dancing and haka.


Situated in New Zealand’s Otago region, Queenstown is known for being a cosmopolitan city. Queenstown is considered to be another place in New Zealand that offers the perfect winter getaway for those who want to escape the sun during this time of year. It offers tourists a great opportunity to hit the slopes. The Remarkables Ski Area is only a 35- minute drive away from the city centre. Whether you’re trying skiing for the first time or whether you’re ready to show off those freestyle moves, the Remarkables is a place that offers something for everyone.


Falls Creek

Situated in the Northeastern corner of Victoria, this Australian Alps resort is extremely popular with tourists in June, July and August. This is a treasure trove for those who are into extreme sports. Additionally, for those who are looking to just enjoy a quiet break, families can opt to play a game of snow bocce, build snowmen and watch the fireworks or snowboarding displays.

The Blue Mountains Yulefest, New South Wales

If you can’t wait till December to celebrate Christmas, this is where you need to be. Who would have thought that a couple of snowflakes that were seen by some Irish guests back in 1980 would start a winter tradition that is nowadays celebrated by guesthouses, hotels, resorts and restaurants across New South Wales? Experience carol singing, roast dinners and basically anything else related to the festive season.



The Chilean capital is another option for those of you who want to escape the heat. During the summer months, Santiago is ideal for hiking, however, it is then transformed into a winter wonderland for skiing, snowboarding and other sports. Various resorts cater for everybody’s needs whether you’re travelling with children or whether you want to challenge yourself by trying out one of the runs at resort such as the one at Portillo.


If you want to venture further south, then Patagonia is the place to go to. Discover a land that was shaped by time and crafted by the elements. Torres del Paine National Park is the main attraction where tourists can experience the immense glaciers, mountains, lakes and rivers. Chilean Patagonia is a place where you can truly be in awe of the barren seascapes and exquisite landscapes!


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