COURSES 2018-2019

Learning opportunities should be accessible to all and a lifelong learning culture should be encouraged. This vision was presented during the launch of Lifelong Learning Courses starting in October 2018 and organised by the Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning and Employability within the Ministry for Education and Employment. Until 3 August, the
Directorate will be receiving applications for around 400 adult learning courses in 90 different subjects.

Patricia Pirotta, John Meli Farrugia, Marlene Bezzina, Karl Mifsud (Adult Educator, Charlene Bugeja, Miriam Cini and Lydia Vella.

The adult learning programme includes courses in essential skills, including reading and writing, maths, and ICT for beginners. Accredited courses are also offered at various levels in 12 languages including Maltese, English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.The Directorate organises ordinary and advanced level preparation classes, as well as vocational and training courses. The main focus is the provision of a learner centred curriculum which promotes critical thinking, reflection, and the development of lifelong learners.

Matthew Spiteri and Caroline Farrugia

The courses are organised across 7 adult learning centres, 35 local councils, and 17 NGOs, attracting over 10,000 learners aged sixteen years and over. Most courses are organised over 32 weeks – starting in October and finishing in May. The course fees are subsidised ranging from €18.63 for short courses to €46.59 for Intermediate, Advanced level and some ICT courses. The Directorate ensures that learning opportunities are available to all and that persons of all ages are encouraged to reach their full potential. A guidance service is also offered to help applicants identify the right course for their specific needs.

Joseph La Grasta

Interested applicants can apply by logging onto the website or in person from 8.30am till noon at the Ministry for Education and Employment, Great Siege Road, Floriana, at Local Councils, and hubs. “When I was younger I wasn’t really into school; my focus was on having fun and playing! The need to learn to read, write, and speak English is a direct result of my job. As a barman, I have many foreign clients and find difficulty communicating with them.

Elizabeth Jane Axiaq, Chiara Vassallo and Kris Muscat

At my age, I am now aware of the importance of learning. I am determined to continue my studies and thus improving my life. I loved the environment at the centre and the fact that the other participants have become my friends.” Matthew Spiteri, 29, Barman, attends English for Beginners at the Floriana Adult Learning Centre.

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