Debating Whether you Should Go Cruelty Free?

In some countries, testing products on animals before a product is present on the market is a necessity. Luckily for us, Malta, Europe and the majority of first world countries do not enforce this law. The unspeakable horrors that commonly rabbits, primates, cats and dogs have to go through in order for us to look attractive and feel better are quite graphic in description, so I’ll try to spare you from some of the harsher details. Imagine having lethal chemicals poured into your eyes and even harsher ones rubbed on your skin without any form of pain control- that is what these animals have to go through on a daily basis. What many don’t know is that this can easily be avoided by using vegan ingredients.

Research has actually found that opting for products made entirely of vegan ingredients is much healthier for your skin. Synthetic make-up brushes do a much better job at applying make-up than ones made of animal tail fur and are in fact much cleaner. With all the recent technological developments, products can be tested using machines which take much less time to react than animals, or ones which have already been tested and proven safe; various alternatives are available.

Just look for the leaping bunny symbol on a product to assure yourself that what you are using is indeed cruelty free; companies have to go through a strict number of criteria to ensure that their product qualifies for the logo. And just to put your mind at ease, here are some popular cosmetic brands, which are either found locally or can be shipped to Malta, that have this stamp of approval: Colourpop, BH cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Catrice, Elf, Essence and Urban Decay.