I’m sure that I’m not the only one who spends a long time thinking about how I want to decorate the walls of my room, office or hallways. And by ‘a long time’, I mean more than a year.

Sometimes I’d think it would be better to leave it bare, then I’d think I needed another picture gallery.  I constantly go back and forth.

Lately, I’ve started thinking about a way to maybe showcase my polaroid pictures instead of leaving them closed up in an album in the drawers. After intense internet searches, an idea hatched and I was off to create a sketch.

I have been loving all of the geometric designs lately so I wanted to make something for my wall to hang pictures on that had that geometric look. I came up with a few sketches and went about implementing how I wanted to put them on my wall.

Step 1


The first thing I did was draw a sketch of how I wanted my lines and shapes, then I stuck my sketch on the wall so that I would be able to work comfortably. Make sure not to stick it with something so sticky that it might peel off the paint.

Step 2


Next, I grabbed some nails and put one in every turn or cross section. Then, I had some leftover paint from when we last painted the house and used it to paint the nails to match the wall. It is important to note that if sealed properly, good quality paint lasts up to 10 years so don’t throw it away if you don’t use it all.

Step 3


After that I made a direction chart on my sketch. I didn’t want any double lines and as few starts and stops as possible, this makes it look much cleaner. It was a bit of a puzzle at first but I actually enjoyed working it out.

Step 4

step 4b

Once I had my directions down I went to the wall. I bought some braided rope, the thick kind, followed my directions and put up each section until I had one whole geometric shape.

Step 5


I wanted to add all of my polaroid pictures, however I had a dilemma on whether to have captions on the bottom part of the photo or not. You can decide to choose whichever you like also depending on what types of photos you are using (since Polaroids actually have space to write on and normal photos might not have).

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