How many times have you been abroad and found yourself angrily munching on the piping hot, cheesy, crunchy goodness of a Domino’s pizza and thinking : Why don’t we have this in Malta?

Domino's Domino's

Now that it’s confirmed that Domino’s is opening up in Malta very soon, excitement levels are to the max. For those of you who still haven’t understood what the hype is all about, here are 6 awesome things you probably don’t know about this worldwide brand:

  • Domino’s has been making and delivering great tasting pizzas since 1960, and it now has more than 13,800 locations in over 85 markets.


  • Domino’s uses fresh, traditional dough that matures over 24 hours in order to release its superior flavour.


  • Cheese is a vital component of any pizza, so Domino’s makes sure that the mozzarella is of the finest quality. Only 100% mozzarella cheese is used in its pizzas.


  • At Domino’s, the wide range of pizza toppings allows at least 34 million ways of creating a single Domino’s pizza.


  • Domino’s is renowned for its technological innovations, including mobile apps for Apple and Android (which are in the top 15 in lifestyle rankings in both iTunes store and Google Play). Unlike any pizza competitor, Domino’s app allows you to order with just one click and track the progress of your great tasting pizza.

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  • Domino’s has even been experimenting with robots, drones, and reindeer as delivery vehicles, which let’s face it, is a great idea for a traffic-congested island like Malta.

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