I don’t know whether I’m old enough to wear diamonds or not, and I don’t know if there is an appropriate age to wear them at all. What I do know for sure, is that they are irresistible and a dream come true for many women.

I’d like to call diamonds “evil precious creatures” as they were created by Mother Nature to glorify women’s beauty and ego. Rare stones set trends and have always been a form of inspiration for artists and stylists or a form of investment. They are associated to symbolic qualities such as love, eternity, wealth and prestige. Diamonds and other precious stones such as sapphires and rubies make for the perfect engagement ring.



Getting to know the Four C’s and all the jewellery masters who set the standards for the icon of eternal love has never been more interesting. Real pioneers of the most hazardous and stunning configurations are jewellery maisons like Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, De Beers and more. So the question is: ‘how does one choose the perfect engagement ring?’ Well, I can’t give you a handbook or rigid pricing rules to stick to, although the Four C’s – Clarity, Colour, Carat and Cut – are definitely a universal reference. If personal taste is sacred, the fact that the emblem of eternal love shall feature the right mounting and diamond, is still not a matter of dispute. The Four C’s may vary slightly, but must be observed.

There are always collections and pieces we can get inspiration from. When seven years ago Prince William famously gave Kate Middleton Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, boldly coloured stones got back in action as if we were back in the eighties. The models by Garrard, the Jewellery House that works closely with the British Royal Family, were soon to be copied: the illustrious predecessor of Lady D’s engagement ring – meaning Queen Victoria’s, the most controversial icon of austerity in UK history – had fellow knockoffs with rubies, emerald, and occasionally less precious stones.

You can also eye up the bridal rings proposed by the experienced Cartier’s jewellery masters, featuring at least one diamond and allowing only a little leeway in terms of choosing among yellow gold, pink gold, or platinum setting. For those having a less classic taste, Italian designer Roberto Coin has unveiled quite an ironic ring collection for the most unconventional yet romantic declarations of love: a mix of emerald, rubies, blue topaz, amethyst and quartz. A true masterpiece, the “Tiffany Setting”, is a timeless engagement ring designed by Charles Lewis Tiffany himself in 1886. It features the classic platinum band with six prongs to secure and support the centre diamond. Because in the end, we all are Audrey Hepburn.

The perfect ring


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