Enjoying the outdoors with KTM Bicycles

As temperature increases and days become longer, it is the perfect opportunity for one to enjoy more the Maltese natural landscapes and its surroundings. And what better way to enjoy the fresh air, other than cycling? Cycling is prove to be a great source of exercise that burns calories, help you lose weight, keep you fit, and overall keeps you healthy. Cycling also reduces your stress levels, is a fun activity, a good source for muscle growth, and you can see results faster.

New to the local market, but long established and highly respected bicycle brand – KTM bicycles, caters for seasoned cyclists and leisure riders alike by providing the perfect bicycle that best suits your needs. With a choice of frames from carbon fibre, to aluminium, the KTM brand covers all ranges of bicycles ranging from full suspension mountain bike, hardtail mountain bike, road and offroad bike, city bikes, e-bikes, and also children’s bicycles.

Manufactured in Mattighofen, Austria, since 1964, KTM manufactures and designs an impressive of 200,000+ bicycles per year. Bicycles are produced using state of the art manufacturing processes, high-quality materials, and are equipped with the latest components such as the Straight Line Link (SLL) technology that offers a very sensitive response to small bumps, and a high absorption of big hits while keeping high pedalling efficiency. The KTM series takes care of maximum comfort, guarantees maximum riding fun, and a cool look. One can also benefit from a one-time grant of claiming back the VAT paid when purchasing a KTM bicycle.

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