The final of the ESC 2017 won’t be a particularly fun one for us Maltese; despite giving it her all in a flawless performance of her song ‘Breathlessly’, Claudia did not make it through to tonight’s finals. Despite this, we know many Maltese viewers will still be following the contest and placing their votes, so here’s how we predict the night will unfold in terms of this year’s Top 10 contestants.

  1. Israel: Imri Ziv – I feel Alive

Another Eurovision hunk to feast your eyes upon. Imri will be singing a song that truly does make us feel alive whenever the refrain comes on. A party song which we can easily imagine being played in a Paceville club on your typical Saturday night; it’s been quite a while since Israel sent something the audience doesn’t like.

  1. Moldova: Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma

We didn’t predict that this one would be making it to the final, but following Tuesday’s performance and how well it went down with fellow Maltese viewers, we now think that this song might actually place in the top ten.

  1. Armenia: Artsvik – Fly with me

Armenia’s entry will have you involuntarily moving your hips around your seat within its first minute. Their semi-final performance grabbed our attention with the various synchronised dance moves and the haunting vocals embedded within the song’s tune.  While not a winning song, it deserves a place in the top ten.

  1. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones – Never Give Up on You

We haven’t heard it in any semi-finals as the United Kingdom are a part of the big 5; we’re actually quite surprised to be placing the UK within the top ten given their reputation of presenting songs which don’t particularly do well. This year it might be a different situation.

  1. Romania: Ilinca ft. Alex Florea – Yodel It

This song is something different to say the least. Playing on the traditional Yodel, the song gives a seemingly effortless performance of the vocally challenging sound. However, it also has a modern twist thanks to the hip hop style contributed by the male singer which makes it unique and memorable.

  1. Belgium: Blanche – City Lights

One of the most memorable things about this entry is the singer’s unique haunting voice and equally haunting refrain. The modern pop track is one we could easily imagine being played on radio and its catchy refrain will definitely secure it a place in the top ten.

  1. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson – I can’t go on.

This Eurovision participant is easy on the eyes to say the least. The major crush many will have on him is probably enough to make him place in the top 5, but just as everyone would expect, Sweden’s song is a good one indeed. It’s catchy, memorable and really fun. Plus, anyone with enough co-ordination to sing well while dancing on an ongoing treadmill definitely wins our vote.

  1. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess

This song is currently third in the polls and we can see why. It’s another ballad amongst the many, but still one of our favourites for the night. If the second semi-finals are anything to go by, the song and the singer’s voice should be enough to make Bulgaria place.

  1. Portugal: Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois

A different entry when compared to the rest, which is exactly why it expected to do well according to this year’s polls. The easy flowing song is completely in Portuguese, so we don’t really know what Salvador is saying, but his melodic voice and powerful performance is enough to convince us that the song is an emotional one indeed and more than worthy to place second.

  1. Italy: Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma

We’ve been hearing about this song for a very long time. The polls don’t agree on much, but all the polls we’ve come across predict that Italy is going to be the winner of this year’s Eurovision. To be honest, this year was not the best one in terms of musical choices. Here at VIDA we were quite disappointed with most of the entries, but Italy’s song is a catchy and memorable tune which we’ve caught ourselves humming more than once. It’s an entry that deserves to win, and we hope that it does!

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