Last Tuesday we managed to guess 8/10. Tonight, Claudia will be giving it her all in her performance of Breathlessly. We’re hopeful that she’ll make it through, but who else will? Here are our predictions for tonight’s Second Eurovision Semi-Finals.

  1. Serbia: Tijana Icevic – In Too Deep

Serbia’s entry this year is one of the few upbeat songs in the contest and a nice break from the overwhelming amount of ballads we’ve been listening to; its dance tune will be enjoyed by many. Apparently, the writers and producers of the song have worked with famous artists such as Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Lady Gaga to mention just a few.

  1. Austria: Nathan Trent – Running on Air

Here’s some more ESC eye candy for us to look at and an accompanying feel good song to go with it. Don’t be fooled though, this guy has got much more than looks… if this song is any indication, Nathan can hit some impressively high notes. A good combination of looks and talent which should be getting Austria a decent amount of votes for the night.

  1. Malta: Claudia Faniello – Breathlessly

It’s been a long time coming for Claudia and her time is finally here. If there’s any contestant that deserves to make it through to the final, it’s her! Her unique voice and stunning good looks, together with what we’re sure is going to be a breathtaking rendition of her song ‘Breathlessly’, should be more than enough to secure her a place in Saturday’s final.

  1. Romania: Ilinca ft. Alex Florea- Yodel It

This song is something different to say the least. Playing on the traditional Yodel, the song gives a seemingly effortless performance of the vocally challenging sound. However, it also has a modern twist thanks to the hiphop style contributed by the male singer which makes it unique and memorable enough to pass through.

  1. Norway: JOWST- Grab the Moment

Norway’s entry for this year has a really vibrant beat to it and should appeal to the younger audience. Characterised by his flashing mask, remembering this performance shouldn’t be a difficult task for the viewer. It is quite commercial and its mix of genres will go down well; they should have no problem passing through to the finals.

  1. Israel: Imri Ziv – I feel Alive

Another Eurovision hunk to feast your eyes upon. Imri will be singing a song that truly does make us feel alive whenever the refrain comes on. A party song which we can easily imagine being played in a Paceville club on your typical Saturday night; it’s been quite a while since Israel sent something the audience doesn’t like.

  1. Netherlands: OG3NE – Lights and Sounds

If there is nothing about this song that particularly excites you, there’s one thing you can’t deny being true: these girls’ harmonies are on point. The song isn’t particularly memorable in itself, but those vocals are and that’s exactly why we should be seeing Netherlands in Saturday’s finals.

  1. Ireland: Brendan Murray – Dying to Try

Ireland’s entry for this year is a sort of vocal roller coaster ride of emotions. The second semi-final is undeniably the battle of strong vocals as most of the participants are contesting with a ballad that highlights the best of their singing ability. Ireland is definitely a strong contender for this battle and Brendan’s vocal range deserves a place in the final.

  1. Switzerland: Timbelle – Apollo

We’ve caught ourselves unexpectedly singing the catchy refrain of Switzerland’s 2017 entry. It’s a song that you can very easily belt out, which automatically makes it quite likeable.  If she sticks to the same kind of dress seen in her second performance, it’s going to be very difficult to forget this song while placing your vote.

10. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess

This song is currently third in the polls and we can see why. It’s another ballad amongst the many, but still one of our favourites for the night. If rehearsals are anything to go by, it won’t be an outstanding performance, but the nature of the song and the singer’s voice should be enough to help it go through.

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