Eurovision has Come to Town Earlier this Year

Eurovision fans rejoice! Even though the official Malta Song Contest is months away, we have found an event which fills the post-ESC void left in our heart every May. As the first year of its official launch, a Eurovision weekend has been organised in Germany, where participants from different countries can choose their favourite Eurovision song and sing a cover of it in front of Eurovision fans. The first winner of the edition was a Maltese participant, Sebastian Calleja, who gave a great interpretation of a Eurovision favourite ‘Golden Boy’, the Israel entry from 2015.

Sebastian tells VIDA that he chose the upbeat song to get the crowd moving, which proved to be a winning move for him. Altering the ending allowed him to give his own twist and interpretation to the song, making it his own. A dance song in the midst of ballads, sung by a talented singer; the choice was a no brainer, and luckily the audience agreed.

The Eurovision Weekend was a roaring success and is expected to take place next year as well. As the winner of the first edition, Sebastian will be present again as the guest of the event next year.

“Such an event is a fantastic opportunity for new singers to be introduced to the Eurovision world. You are surrounded by fans who love the ESC as much as you do, it cannot get better than that. Winning was the cherry on top of the cake for me.”

You may be thinking that the name is familiar. In fact, we have seen Sebastian before as a resident singer in Hadd Ghalik, a game show that takes place every Sunday morning on TVM. Sebastian, who has been singing for eight years, has already represented the country in Sanremo Junior and Microfono Doro. Under the supervision of Glenn Vella, Sebastian has been focusing on improving his vocals in the past years and claims that his journey is not even close to being complete. With a voice like his, we are bound to see him in the Malta Song 2017, so watch out!