Eurovision lovers rejoice. Another 365 days have passed and the most anticipated music contest is here once again. Although we won’t be seeing Claudia performing tonight, I’m sure many of you will be eagerly sitting around your television screens making your predictions as to who will be making it through to the final. Here are our 10 predictions in order of appearance!

1. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson – I can’t go on

The first participant to kick off today’s live semi-final is easy on the eyes to say the least. The major crush many will have on him is probably enough to take him through, but just as everyone would expect, Sweden’s song is a good one indeed. It’s catchy, memorable and really fun. Plus, anyone with enough co-ordination to sing well while dancing on an ongoing treadmill definitely wins our vote.

2. Australia: Isiah – Don’t Come Easy.

Australia has set quite a high bar for other countries in the past 3 years of its participation, and it’s not even in Europe! 2017 is undeniably a year of ballads for the Eurovision Song Contest, and Australia’s is easily one of the best there is. This strong ballad is sure to make it through to Saturday’s final.

3. Belgium: Blanche – City Lights

One of the most memorable things about this entry is the singer’s unique haunting voice and equally haunting refrain. The modern pop track is one we could easily imagine being played on radio and its catchy refrain will definitely secure it a place in the final.

4. Azerbaijan: Dihaj – Skeletons

The strong bass the song sets off with is sure to capture your attention from the start and the singer’s vocal capabilities will keep you listening to the end. High intensity instrument sounds are there, and from what we’ve seen in the rehearsals, it looks like Dihaj will be giving a performance you won’t easily forget.

5. Portugal: Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dios

A different entry when compared to the rest, which is exactly why it will go through and is expected to do well according to this year’s polls. The easy flowing song is completely in Portuguese, so we don’t really know what Salvador is saying, but his melodic voice and powerful performance is enough to convince us that the song is an emotional one indeed and more than worthy to make it through to Saturday’s final.

6. Greece: Demy – This is Love

Greece’s song could easily have been an entry anywhere between 1998-2016, and that’s exactly why we love it; it’s a Eurovision classic. Easy start that slowly builds up into a euphoric catchy refrain which sounds even better when you belt it out. From tacky backup dancers to a gorgeous singer, Greece is reminding Eurovision lovers out there  exactly why they’re obsessed with the contest in the first place.

7. Cyprus: Hovig- Gravity

Seeing Cyprus’ rehearsals, we can predict that their stage performance together with their catchy song should take them through to the final. Its memorable refrain and a similar tune to the currently popular song ‘Human’ by Rag’n Bone Man’s will definitely help them make the cut.

8. Armenia: Artsvik – Fly with me

Armenia’s entry will have you involuntarily moving your hips around your seat within its first minute. The expected performance will grab your attention for sure with the various synchronised dance moves and the haunting vocals embedded within the song’s tune should make it quite memorable for voters to put through.

9. Latvia: Triana Park- Line

Judging from the type of songs that usually make it to the final, we can see how Latvia’s entry is one that will make the cut. Its upbeat melody will get you bopping your head from the start and if the song alone is not memorable enough, given that she sticks to what she’s wearing in her rehearsals, her outfit will be. While it might not be a particular favourite of ours, we think it will secure a place in Saturday’s final.

10. Montenegro: Slavko Kalezic – Space

In every semi-final, there is always that weird song that no-one seems to like, but it manages to get through to the final either way because of the performer’s strong presence on stage. Montenegro’s entry for 2017 is that song for the first semi-final. The song might not be memorable, but we’re quite sure you won’t be forgetting the singer.

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