Exploring Malta Through its Exquisite Waters

Malta By Sea

Now that the warm weather is here to stay and the more changeable weather is behind us, sailing around the Maltese islands has never been easier, or more fun. Malta’s small size and accessibility, combined with relatively calm waters means that sailing around the entire coast of Malta and Gozo can be achieved in just a few days. If you are one of many who su er from motion sickness, don’t let this stop you! Not only are there many good motion sickness medications on the market, but also give ginger a go. is natural remedy works wonderfully and almost instantly and can be taken as tea, biscuits or crystalised.

If you haven’t experienced the Maltese Islands by sea, you are missing out. Not only will the adventure give you a completely fresh take on the islands, but even just one day
on the water feels like a holiday. Grab some friends, charter yourself a boat and create yourself an experience to remember. We take a look at some of the best the islands have to offer.


Whether you are sailing or motoring, wind has so much to do with the enjoyment of your day. The predominant winds in Malta are north-westerly, which can sometimes make for rough seas, but fear not, a force 5 doesn’t have to ruin your day. Head to the opposite side of the islands to take shelter and anchor safely.

Il-Ħofra ż-Żghira is a small bay on the South Coast o Marsascala near Ras il-Fniek and close to Battarija ta’ Wolseley and Fortizza Tas-Silġ. It is characterised by a small hole that creates a tiny arch in the cliff, making it so picturesque, especially when the sunlight streams in on a very sunny and warm day. It is a popular anchor with locals, and more suited to motorboats than sailing yachts.

Sister bay Il-Ħofra l-Kbira is right next to Il-Ħofra ż-Żghira and very similar, only larger. Both bays are good for anchoring in North Westerly winds, so if you are heading down to make your escape from the weather, make sure you plan to get there early as the bays will be very popular.


This is located in the northern part of Malta in the limits of Mellieħa, off L’Ahrax point. This cave has an opening vent on its roof, which makes it so mesmerising to swim in. Once you swim inside the cave, make sure to look out for the jutting rocks inside. If you happen to own a snorkel and mask make sure to take it with you as life under the sea there is truly a wonder. The opaque shades of green and purple reflected by the water and the walls of the cave respectively will make you and your companions feel like you are in a surreal world. The limitation to visiting this cave is that due to its shallow waters, it is only accessible to small vessels like luzzus and small powerboats.


Comino’s rocky coastline has a number of beaches, caves and cliffs waiting
 for you to discover. The coastline is beautiful, and whilst most head straight to the Blue Lagoon, there is much more to Comino than the obvious. If you want to head to the Blue Lagoon, make sure you head there early morning to make the most of it and enjoy it relatively tourist free. Shuttle boats start operating around 10am, any time before that and you might be lucky enough to have the lagoon to yourself, even in high season. After mid-morning you will be competing for a spot.


The white sandy sea bottom together with the light blue crystal water create the postcard picture, which people living in cities or colder climates have in mind when they imagine holidaying in the Mediterranean. To top it off, the Blue Lagoon is prized for its shallow waters not to mention its colourful fish and a number of caves to explore, making it the number one summer hotspot for tourists and locals alike.


There are plenty of other bays and coves to enjoy in around Comino, so don’t worry if you don’t fancy competing for anchorages with a high number of other boats. Crystal Lagoon and Il-Matz are within minutes from the Blue Lagoon and worth heading to. Santa Marija has seen a lot of investment over the past year, and is the quieter and tamer sister to Blue Lagoon.


If you want to explore surrounded by breath-taking views, then look no further than the Azure Window and Dwerja. Despite the fact that the Azure Window is facing a strong battle with erosion, due to the wind and water, it is still a source of inspiration for many artists and visitors due to its stunning formation.

Nothing beats a start to a romantic evening more than watching the sunset at Dwejra, which is purely magical, especially in summer when the day is longer and sunset occurs later in the day. It is best to visit Dwejra when the wind is not blowing North Westerly as Dwejra and the sea surrounding it, are unprotected by any other surroundings.

If you want to experience Malta and Gozo by sea in just one day, then it would be fairly simple to do this by powerboats or motorboats. Make sure you are aware of the rules of skippering if you are considering doing this yourself, even though most hired sailing vessels come with a skipper. Last, but definitely most importantly: the skin absorbs sunlight faster on a boat than on a beach so make sure you do not leave your sun screen at home.