Eye Makeup Made Easy

Achieving the perfect eye makeup look can be tricky at times especially with all these new trends being shared on social media. Let’s take a step by step approach to achieving the perfect eye makeup look.

The Eyelid

This is the largest area to apply eye shadow. Ideally you would use a flat shading brush to pack on the eyelid colour. You can use both matte and shimmer finishes on the eyelid however to open up the eyes, I would suggest using a shimmer eye shadow.

The Outer V

The outer V is the outer corner of the eye which extends to your crease area. It forms a sideways V shape, hence the name. The best brush to use for this area is a smaller, more precise brush to target exactly the smaller area of the eye. To give more dimension and depth to the eye, use darker shades of eye shadows; usually matte colours work best.

The Crease

Thee crease is the folded area of skin just above the eyelid. Use a fluffy brush to soften out the edges of the eyelid and outer V eye shadows. You can also use a lighter colour of eye shadow to help soften out those edges. Ideally matte shades are used for the crease.

Additional Tips

Always highlight the brow bone using a shimmery eye shadow to create a natural ‘brow lift’. To make the eyes look more awake, use a flesh toned pencil on the inner waterline.

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