Festive Faux Pas

Finally, it’s that time of the year again! I still get excited about Christmas, although the spirit is nowhere near as festive as around 10 years ago. Nowadays Christmas has become more materialistic, and I am aware that by including such statement in the fashion section I risk being called a hypocrite.

There is no denying, however, that Christmas time comes with a huge number of events. Unless you are one that recreates looks by accessorizing last year’s outfits, such invitations are over followed by several shopping trips.

Whichever route you take, keep in mind that the festive season is a minefield for fashion disasters. Before going shopping or planning your outfits, have a look at these fashion faux pas you may want to skip this year.

red green_opt

Wearing too much shine

Who wants to take the spotlight away from the Christmas tree? No one, I hope. Metallic tones and shimmer are made for the festive season – it is probably the only time of year I consider myself brave enough to attempt wearing them.

But incorporating such trends in an outfit should be carefully thought out. What looks good on the catwalk may not necessarily look good on the streets. You do not want to blind anyone with your sparkly dress, clutch and eyeshadow. One gleam at a time can go a long way. Going overboard and looking theatrical should be reserved for the pantomime.

Showing too much skin

Are you dressing up for a summer party or for a Christmas one? Roaming around the streets in a sleeveless dress that barely covers your bottom on Christmas eve is not attractive.

Getting caught with nothing to wear

While this seems to be a daily obstacle for women, it can turn into an actual problem during the month of December.

Keeping a few formal basics in case of an unexpected invitation is key. It all depends on the dress code of the event. In reality, there is no such thing as having nothing to wear – this is where creativity comes in. Sometimes last year’s black dress just needs a revamp with that statement necklace you bought last week.

Going overboard with red and green

Sure, they are the most festive of colours and investing in some red and green pieces would further enhance the Christmas spirit. But there is no need to wear them all at once.

Christmas jumpers

There seem to be circles of hate surrounding these. To be fair, I am not completely against Christmas jumpers. I know some brands that do classy ones, but they either break the bank or are not available in Malta.

If tempted, try to go for good quality ones with a toned down print. You do not want to be looking back at family photos and see yourself with a three-dimensional reindeer or Santa’s face sticking out of your chest.

Airbrushing a whole Christmas scene on your nails

Everyone knows it is Christmas – no need to put it on full display on your nails as well. If tempted, imagine how your nails would look with that formal evening dress you have been planning to wear to your staff party.

Becoming high-strung

There is no denying that Christmas time brings with it stress in outfit planning, sorting out appointments, catching up and god knows what else.

For clothes, go to point number three. For beauty-related appointments, the Internet has made our lives much easier and YouTube even more so. It is more flattering to get compliments on your appearance knowing that you have put together the entire look by yourself. Do not let these minor things suck the fun out of this time of year.

Christina Abdilla