Denim is a timeless fashion piece, dominating both catwalks and everyday wardrobes for decades. The style, shade, shape and level of wear however change from year to year, making the denim of the season a must-have in any wardrobe.



Denim through the Ages

When thinking about what fashion item I’ve always been obsessed with, denim is definitely the first thing that comes to mind. Throughout the years, the items have changed from denim skirts and jeans to denim dresses and denim shirts and jackets. What I’ve always liked about denim is how diverse it is. From sleek jeans to super ripped jeans, you can change the whole dynamics of an outfit just from the denim pieces you choose. For instance, an edgy look can be easily created by pairing a plain black tank top with rip jeans and strappy heels.


Although denim is a classic wardrobe staple, thus it never goes out of style, the particular style of denim changes over time. In the 50’s and 60’s baggy dad jeans were the ultimate look. In the 70’s jeans got wider; it was all about flares and bell bottoms, while in the 80’s the classic mom jeans were in. This latter era was all about the high-waist, with a baggy fit in the thighs and a tight fit at the bottom. The 90’s were an extension of the 80’s style but with lighter colours and more rips. The 2000’s (my least favourite era in terms of fashion) was all about low-waists and heavily faded thighs! What I love about the current era is that we incorporate all these past trends into present fashion.

The 2017 Denim Trend

In my opinion, everyone should own a few staple denim items. They are an easy way of transforming simple outfits into completely different and stylish ones. A classic denim jacket is definitely number one on my list. Whereas, in the past years it may have been a tightly fit one, the 2017 trend is all about the effortless and casual look with a boyfriend-fit, oversized jacket. You can recycle one of your parents’ old jackets from the 80s or do what I did and just buy one a couple of sizes bigger than your usual size. Throw it over a plain black dress for an effortless, off-duty chic outfit.

Embroidery has also recently made a comeback, and with that, embroidery on denim has also become a massive trend for this season. Looking at all the high-street shops, you’re guaranteed to find a number of denim items with elements of embroidery and badges. Some brands have also offered the possibility of buying plain jeans and choosing your own iron-on badges. It’s a great way of personalising your clothing while simultaneously showing off your personal style. I personally love this trend, I think it adds a softer look to more edgy items.

What are your favourite pieces of denim? Do you love it as much as I do?

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